Flare 2 teardown

I got ahold of an old flare 2 that had some issues. It was to be thrown away but i decided to view the insides first.

To access the speaker, you will need to peel off the rubber seal on the bottom

There will be 4 screws to take out and this will get you the selecteonic session…

From there you will disconnect the different wiring n cables

From here you can pry the case from the housing

The rest is just taking it apart. So the prongs on the speakers clamp into the board and the orange section seems to be where the lights on.

The battery compartment that had a metal shielding for additional protection.

Closer look at the battery

Board for the BT, Partycast button and charging.

The top board which I did not take a pic has he buttons and for the cable a clamp to keep it held down.


do you know how to take a part Motion boom?

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If you know the issues and you are skilled you could try to repair it
What is about the battery?
Only trashing it without any attempt to repair is not the state of the art. :smile:

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I do not. If you are having issues with your Motion Boom and you bought it less than 18 months ago, you really need to contact service@soundcore.com as they should be able to help you with that issue.

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Why would you like to do this?

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It was pretty bad before I decided to do this. I did add another picture of the speakers on the board without the woofers and I was testing if maybe I could get it to work with just the components. If yes, I may have tried to build something but as shown it would have been limited. (PLUS it may have looked more redneck looking :rofl:)

What I found out is that after I took it apart that it was more or less finished. I know it was getting power as I could feel the board warming up but was not able to get it to work once it was taken apart…

I will say there was no wasted space.

I am still interested in the orange ring as I believe that was where the lights were coming from but I meant to see what it looked like before I started to take off the other parts but forgot :frowning: .

Very cool. I’m almost finished building my new shop/barn/man cave and planning to have an area set aside to tear downs like this.

Thanks for sharing.

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Appreciate it. I ended up just siting in the floor as some of the tables are darker in appearance.

I will say I am surprised at the simplicity of the electronics. I thought it would have a few more parts to it.

I had an old Spirit X earbuds that my son used and they finally messed up about a yr ago. I had a similar thought to do the same with those but my wife threw them away around the same time they messed up. (plus they probably would have been way harder to work with)

I do understand a good place to work at. I have tore down several nintendo ds xl to replace a cracked screen, cracked hinge and etc. I have done it at the kitchen table where it probably has the best lighting.

(Plus I have kept the old parts to potentially to fix another device if it gets broken). I will say I have not had to do that for a bit but the last device my son broke was something I could not fix. He sat on his ipad, broke the lens and bent it as well :rofl:


Nice, I always love tear downs thanks for sharing with us!

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That’s interesting to see the insides. Thanks for sharing! :+1:


Funny thing is today I was installing a battery in my eldest son laptop but I installed it in my youngest instead. So I ended up installing batteries 3 times. :slight_smile:

How was this disease called?
Hmmmmm -> Alzinger, Alzmeier or Alzhuber.
I dont remember! :rofl:

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I miss pronounce that to aggravate mt wife. Lol

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Dangerous!!! -> Nursing Home!!! :rofl:

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It will be the first place I will go if she has the chance. :rofl:

May be we can go together.
We have to find out if places in USA or Germany are better! :rofl:

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Sad day for the flare 2… I had to cover the triplets eyes today to read this thread…


I made the one watch. :sob: Luckily the second one was at my son’s college room.

I thought I could still get it to play out of the casing but as stated this one was at the end of its life cycle.

I will say that although I was messing around try to make sure what goes where if you take ti apart some

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I saw with curiosity what was inside.
If I had such a speaker, I would never take it apart.
As a rule, I put it in the garbage immediately (of course electronic garbage :slightly_smiling_face:)


Well, I would not either normally but an opportunity came up and I took it. If it was not a worn out one it would not had been considered.

I had actually though about keeping a few parts but changed mind.