Flare 2 TWS stereo pairing mode

I bought a pair of Flare 2s thinking that I could pair them in stereo mode, but apparently this is not possible and only Partycast mode pairing is possible?

This is a step backwards since earlier models supported TWS pairing.

Can we expect a firmware/Soundcore app upgrade that will make TWS stereo pairing possible with the Flare 2s?

I prefer TWS, would never use that partycast.
Was there a TWS mentioned in the offer?
Is so you can return and change for "normal Flared with TWS)
You should contact the support for a solution.

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I would not expect these to get stereo pairing in the future since partycast is really there thing right now.

All Partycast gives you is a louder mono soundstage.

Stereo pairing gives a far richer soundstage across the room.

It sucks/doesn’t make sense that the Flare supports TWS stereo pairing whereas the Flare 2 loses that valuable functionality.

Yes. These are my thoughts also. :grin:
But if you want that TWS, there are many other models available.
As far I remember that Flare 2, (or was it the Flare +?)
were the first models offering that partycast mode.

I use my Flares (TWS) in a small room ( never any parties, only me :joy: )
and the sound is fantastic.

I’d expect “Partycast II” to be coming which allows Stereo Partycast and moving to the app for control. Speakers are left or right or mono.

No inside knowledge, just logical next evolution step.

What I can’t predict with any confidence is if “Partycast II” is backwards compatible with Partycast.

The method they used for TWS was alternative frequency hopping, so that could never scale. Partycast is incompatible with TWS so there’s track record to extrapolate from.

My advice from KISS is if you want something then buy it as intended, so if you want two speakers doing stereo then buy two which do TWS in same order. Rather than buy one then another as you risk hardware differences.

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I doubt you will see it added to a speaker that doesn’t support it.

Yeah, I would hope to see a Stereo Partycast or TWS feature in a firmware upgrade for the Flare 2.

Unfortunately the Flare+ and Flare don’t seem to be available in my country, and so I ended up buying Flare 2 thinking it would support stereo.

I doubt existing products will get Stereo Partycast. Revisions yes and new products yes. But assume what you bought will always be as they are now.

Reason being is if the hardware as-is could do it, it already would.

Sorry for the inconvenience. please know that when used alone, Flare 2 supports 360° sound, but does not support stereo sound when multiple speakers are connected using PartyCast.