Flare A3161 low volume

I have just received a Soundcore Flare A3161. I connected it via Bluetooth to am Amazon Echo Dot 3 which was set to volume level 4. When the volume control on the Flare was set to maximum, the sound from the Flare was at a comfortable listening level. I then connected the Flare to an Android tablet so that I could adjust the equalisation controls using the app. After doing this and reconnecting to the Echo Dot, the volume had dropped to a barely audible level. I spent hours trying to resolve this. Eventually, the Flare started playing at the expected volume. I’ve no Idea what I did to cause this. This morning, I connected it to the tablet and app again. Later, after reconnecting to the Dot, the volume is, again, barely audible. How do I overcome this problem? Thank you.

Sounds like an absolute volume issue.

Look at Bluetooth settings of everything for their absolute volume settings and try changing.

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Thank you for your reply. I have turned off Bluetooth Absolute volume in Developer Options on my Samsung SM-T510 tablet. This has stopped tthe system volume tracking the Soundcore Flare volume. However, the Echo Dot 3 volume is still low. I can not find any way of making any adjustment to the Echo Dot Bluetooth settings either in the Alexa app or on Android. I have tried resetting the Flare by powering off, pressing the power on button for 10 seconds and pressing the Bluetooth button for 20 seconds. Another Echo Dot gives the same results.

Update: Now, when I swap between the Echo and the Flare, the Amazon app changes the Echo Dot volume to 7 when the Flare is connected and back to volume 4 when the Flare is disconnected and the Echo plays through its own speaker, so I get the same loudness on both devices. It also works properly after using and exiting the app. I don’t know what has caused this but a combination of taking your advice, factory resetting the Echo Dot and Flare and a soft reset of my router seems to have worked. Thank you again.

Thank you for updated. I’m glad to know you are able to pin down the issue. Please let us know by contacting the customer service via service@soundcore.com if you have any further requests!

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