Flare Bluetooth Connecting

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Can my flare speaker connect to my roku tv?

As far I see Roku TV offers streaming via TV or a similar device.
If this TV has bt or Audio (via cable ) connection it should work with the Flare.

All steps mentioned by @Chiquinho and the below:

I just had a similar question on Anker Community, pasting it here as well

Roku Devices (Streamers / TV) does not let Bluetooth pairing to third party BT speakers.

Pairing Bluetooth devices to Roku TV is only supported if you are using the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, or the Roku Smart Soundbar in combination with your TV. You cannot pair Bluetooth devices to your TV on its own—this functionality is not supported.

There are 2 options to pair third party BT speakers

  1. Connect a BT Transmitter such as Anker Soundsync A3341 Bluetooth 2-in-1 Transmitter and Receiver or any other BT Transmitter for that matter, to the TV’s 3.5mm Headphone Jack,
    Connect your BT speaker such as SoundCore Flare via BT to the BT Transmitter.

Pro – Works flawlessly Everytime,
Cons – you need to spend $35~$40 bucks for BT Transmitter
No Audio on TV speakers while headphone jack is plugged in.

  1. Use Private Listening Mode on Roku (using the Smart phone Roku App or Compatible remote)

Note that Private Listening mode via Smartphone Roku App is the biggest Battery Drainer on your phone ( I Personally used this and telling from my experience on iPhone X, 8, Samsung S8/9/10) also heats up your phone. Once connected in Private Listening, pair your Smartphone to the speaker of your choice.

I still use this method for me and my wife, watching movies on Roku with Roku App on iPhone with Airpods using the “Share Audio” options of Airpods (None of Anker SoundCore Headsets support this, though the Flare series, Icon Series, Rave & Trance, and some other speaker range support the stereo pairing)

Pros – you may connect upto 4 Connections to Roku TV via Roku App on Smartphones.

Cons – Phone battery Drainer, phone heats up ( this happens on latest iOS & Android version with Latest Roku App available on app stores)

Hope this helps!!

Bonus: Details about pairing to Fire TV (if you have it)

Fire TV can natively pair to any 1 BT speaker at a Time, it works well, perfectly!!

You need to go to Settings --> Devices & BT --> Pair the BT device.

Best part is, if the BT speaker is ON, when Fire TV is powered ON or either ways, Fire TV & Paired BT speaker automatically pair.

I have paired my Flare Mini and Rave Mini to it, these work flawlessly.

That is a great set of instructions. I might have to consider a Fire TV, I have and love my older Roku, but it is probably time for a new TV with a newer 4k capable device in the next year or so.