Flare+ goes off immediately


My flare+ won’t power on except it’d plugged then it good off immediately I connect to my mobile Bluetooth.

Any ideas on how to fix this. This is the second speaker I bought with this issue after a few months of usage.

I only use the speakers when I go camping… or for social activities at work.

I think you should contact suport sevice@soundcore.com

If it were me I’d contact support on this issue. I know several people and a lot of people on here have flares without issues. Support may not respond until Monday or Tuesday since they normally do not work weekends.

Make sure to give them order details, serial number and any troubleshooting steps you done plus exactly what the issue is. Do these steps will speed up the support process.

Definitely a support question. It sounds like you have a battery issue with premature failure.

Sorry to hear that. In your case, I’m wondering whether you try different cables and wall chargers to fully charge the speaker then holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons for 8S to restore factory resetting. And your speaker will automatically power off if it resets successfully. If the issue remains, please contact service@soundcore.com ASAP.