Flare Mini Waterproof Dunk Test and Review! (spoiler: IT FLOATS!)

Hi all,

Check out my full review of the Flare Mini over at the blog:


The big highlight of this one is the video of the Mini heading into the lake. Those of you that know me know that I always throw my BT speakers into lakes. It’s just a thing I do :laughing:

I actually expected this one to sink because it was not advertised as “floatable,” but I was pleasantly surprised that it floated. Well, I was a little disappointed because I wanted to video myself free diving to retrieve it, but oh well. This will have to do:

Bonus pic of stereo paired flare minis featuring my own personal muse:



Nice! Brave brave man.

Nice review! Did you share the video in our gallery? If we it’s uploaded we consider sharing it on social and that’s how you get extra Points/Notes :wink:

Sweet! Keep up the good work!

Not yet, I’ll upload it tomorrow!

Nice review. We are about to build a similar setup for our Kayaks.

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Good review & testing as usual @gANKstER :ok_hand:

Good review. Good to see you still got it… Not sure what it is, but you have it! lol

Why it’s the Icon of course!



Yeah my friends colleagues all say the same thing :crazy_face:

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Another great review, @gANKstER!

It always scares me to try this type of thing, even when they are rated as such. My luck is I will end up with the one that was not done correctly.

That’s why when I threw my flare and mini 2 into my pool I didnt worry about it because its Anker and they have a 18 month warranty…but of course it’s a battle to get a warranty on test items and freebies now. But before i didnt worry about it

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That’s the problem I came across as well. Had an issue with my Prizm when I won it after 3 months. They said it was a test item and that it was not covered. I found the issue out and changed it out myself, but it was an uphill and losing battle for me.

In those cases I would have escalated the ticket to management and generally they do a 1 time exception

It was a minor pin issue on it, so I just popped out the ole magnifying lenses and bent it back into place. It was my own fault, so I couldn’t really fault it on them to try to pursue it.

Can’t say I worry even now, if it fails on the testing it goes in the review, it’s in the companies ballpark then whether or not to honour the warranty on the failure…test item or not I think if your doing your initial review they would rather honour the warranty for failure rather than have a double whammy of negatives in the review…

…long term could be a different issue I admit…


Floating is a good feature for Flare Mini, I was quite amazed myself, had it in my review as a video for it :slight_smile:

Unless it’s a beta item, banker have a duty if care in the UK. So even a gift should be covered by a fault not due to wear n tear.

If its within 6 months the company has to proof they didn’t supply a faulty unit.

Yeah I am to the point where it’s actually more fun for me to throw these things in lakes than just listen to them :crazy_face: I’ve got a couple of backups if things go sideways. And as far as testing products are concerned, if it doesn’t do what the ad says it should, I need to know right?

But seriously it’s just an excuse for me to be wild.