Flare+ Sale Question

The Flare+ never went on sale on Amazon.com from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Why did it go on sale on Amazon.ca? I can’t get the Cyber Monday deal from Amazon.ca since I live in the states. Total bummer.

The flare+ went on sale for $80 on September 8th. Stick around and you will probably see another sale on it.

Anker runs different promotions for different regions.

Depends on stock levels and product managers decisions as to which promotions are run for which regions…as Black Friday promotions normally equate these days to normal discounts throughout the year, it will probably get a price drop again in the near future…

One-day only sales can be brutal. Like I could be checking every day and the one day I forget is the day I missed the sale. Ah well I suppose it’s just a waiting game anyhow.

I have no idea how long that sale lasted…

Different countries, different discounts, different stocks.

Evidently it was on sale at BestBuy from Black Friday through Sunday.

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Amazon.ca or Anker stuff to be specific have very few discounts compared to states. But should grab one whenever it goes on discount.

Flare+ is on sale for $80 if you clip the coupon on amazon