Foam Tips for the Liberty Pro 2s


Finally got the liberty pro 2

Any suggestions on foam Tips for these.


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Most people just try different ones until they find some that fit their ears the best. Maybe someone else that already has the Liberty Pro 2s can tell you what they are using. My pair hasn’t been delivered yet.

Apologies for my ignorance, but what is it about the foam tips for the Liberty 2 Pro …

I am yet to receive my unit but wanted to know what is wrong with the Ear tips included

I understand the want and need for foam tips as they offer a more dynamic sound, but the ear tips that come with the liberty 2 pros are hybrid ear tips. These basically do the same thing as foam, they have a solid central core with soft silicone outer covering.

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As I get older I think I care less on that stuff but how well they feel in my ears.

I tried my true grip comply foam tips and they fit perfectly. I find the silicone ones uncomfortable after about an hour.

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Nothing wrong with the ones included. Just prefer foam Tips. Better isolation, fit and comfort


Perhaps will give the hybrid tips a try a little longer

Maybe try a different size, and when you iij insert them into your ear make sure you turn and lock them in. Also try the different wings, I thought I had a decent seal at first but once I switched to a larger wing I had a much better seal. I was able to hear more of the music and bass than before, so make sure to play around with the different bits so they “lock” into your ears

I think this maybe there best idea. Will have a play around with the included tips later on.

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I always buy comply foam tips. Maybe they can recommend a good pair to fit the pro 2?

I reached out to Comply customer service to ask which of their tips fit the SC Liberty 2 Pro. I received this reply yesterday. Unfortunately, for me, this is not enough info for me to make a purchase at this time. Maybe it will help one of you. Please reply if you end up trying them out. Good luck. -GN

”Thanks for your interest in our Comply™ Foam tips!

Our engineers have not tested these earphones for compatibility with our core-specific tips. We highly recommend our SmartCore™ tips for earphones that are not listed on our website. The SmartCore™ tips feature a patented inner core design to fit around most earphones. These tips may need to be removed before charging in the case, though. They have a flexible inner core, so there won’t be any extra damage to having to remove them.”

Ah that’s perfect. May give them a try. And will see how long they last. I’ve always found they provide better isolation. Still not getting on either the silicone tips. Tried different configurations

You have to play around really a lot.
If there is no 100%-fitting, there is never a 100%-sound.