Forensics detective says Android phones are now harder to crack than iPhones

Apple has always been about encryption and following through with consumer protection, but with all the heat the government has been giving them they have become lax. Now Androids encryption has taken the rein and is harder to break into than apples. What do yall think about this? Is next level encryption really necessary?

I don’t know about that. I have friends who do tons of hacking, and they were able to hack the latest version of android nearly instantly upon it being released. They haven’t been able to hack the latest version of iOS (they have done it multiple times in the past).

That being said, I hope android has upped the encryption and all that. More secure phones are always better. (And it will push Apple to be more secure, which will push android to be more secure etc. etc.).

I am always up for better encryption for my protection.

What I wish the phone and tablet makers will not to say is that you have an 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 gig device but then proceed to take up several gigs for the operating system. It is worse if you have an 8 gig device but less noticeable with higher gig devices.

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Encryption is different than hacking the operating system.

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rightly said, encryption is more for data protection when it the device is lost / or searched for data by govt agencies… the whole thing we keep seeing between the local authorities and Apple for unlocking a device…

Lol I guess if you still have a phone from like 2012.

Apple is still the winner in this category I believe. That is one reason most corporate companies are going for Apple devices instead of Androids.
That was the main selling point when Blackberry was in race with other companies at the time.
I would like to see what @Tank has to say on this :thinking:

Apple Apple Apple :apple: :apple: :apple::rofl:

an Apple a day… keeps … hmm… hmm … most here are Apple Fans!

While you may think this, android manufacturers have locked down their phones with higher grade encryption. Hence the article from forensic experts.
Apple may lock down their phones, but they have fallen lax to the governments request. Samsung has their Knox security and encryption which is defense level

So I’m voting between an electronics company (apple) and a mobile operating system (android). I don’t see how the two compare :thinking:

You right thought I put Samsung

Maybe ios vs android would be a better poll in this context?

Fixed the poll Which to you prefer?

  • IOS
  • Android

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What is this poll for? Which is more secure?

Which do you prefer based off you comment

I would always opt for iOS… whatever it is

Not mine. I don’t have encryption turned on. And I think that is probably true for the vast majority. So while the truly security conscious are better off on android, your average joe is probably still safer on iPhone. It just has better defaults.

I vote for iOS