Forum System Update

Hello everyone,
Just a heads up All three forum communities are going to run a system update around Feb. 05th 1:00 am (PST Time) this Friday. There will be a 2 hour community shutdown during the update. Please take notice and be aware the sites will not be accessible during this time.


Appreciate the heads up as well.

Thank You for the heads up.

Nice heads up! Mostly for people far east but good to know nonetheless

Always good to actually get a heads up BEFORE the outage happens rather than after. Middle of the night works well for me.

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Thanks @Tank for the advanced notice, glad they are planning for a time that should see little activity.

For those IT minded, a 2 hr update isn’t always 2 hrs… :rofl:

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Thanks for the heads up hope your knees are doing better!

Thanks and yes I’m doing better. Was suppose to go back to work this week but my boss gave me another week off just to be safe. Yay me :roll_eyes:


Hope updatebwill be done at least in 5 hours🤣

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One can only hope… I’m sure the IT is better than what I’ve got access to… unless Murphy stops in to check things out…:joy::joy::joy::rofl:

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What happened to the colors in the forum? The subjects of each post are hard to read. Please fix this:

Yes it is. Just involves IT professionals.

  • create a snapshot of your data. Enterprise storage does this better (e.g. NetApp) but I suspect these are all hosted in AWS so it’s their mechanisms (not as good, but that’s a long story)
  • use VMs and have the 5 environments (production, DR , pre-production, staging, testing). This is a common error, folks don’t have to alter production. Pre-production is where everything is at the next software level but attached to non-live older data.
  • using a copy of your data, test the upgrade. e.g. which isn’t a test of copy, that’s an example of testing ideas on dummy data, but only a full test on copy of real data really matters. Pre-production environment helps.
  • Change Management. Check with the host (e.g. AWS) they are not doing anything at the same time. This is one cause of huge embarressing outages
  • Go / no-Go meeting (e.g. open Zoom meeting, stakeholders present) to enter the outage
  • disable updates, do one last snapshot.
  • attach a read-write copy of your data to the new software, do your testing again
  • have go / no-go meeting, and decide to roll back or keep going. This is where the 2 hours comes in. You have to give an outage which the greater of a go / rollback vs go / finished. Again, folks who trip up assume things will go to plan, so as a guide, take the worst case scenario and double the assumed effort, so e.g. 2 hours is because it actually takes 30 minutes but you then added 30 mins to discuss a failing update, to then roll back.
  • a rollback is then detach the data from pre-production, rollback snapshot (easier with enterprise storage) and bring production up with nil changes. You then learn what went wrong.
  • finished.
  • so there is nil need for an outage to fail, and nil need for anything to take longer than the announced outage.

Just needs IT professionals, experienced, people who assume anything which can go wrong will.

We all have our day jobs :wink:


It’s a known issue since the version 2 roll out. Hopefully they fix it in the upgrade/update on Saturday midnight

@Dez_S you can generally go into your settings and adjust dark mode, maybe try inverting the colors to see if that helps. I know on android its what I did to make it visible

Oh… hope the fix dark mode… that would be nice… too late to ask though… :wink:

I’ve had Dark mode since it’s inception and never had an issue until this week. The Anker forums is in Dark mode to and it looks fine. Just not here on Souncore.

I’ll take a look but i have not changed any of settings in awhile.

** EDIT. Just went in to Settings and all is normal. I still can’t see the pages correctly. There is a bug on Souncore’s end.

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It’s been since v 2 rolled out. @Duane_Lester had a workaround for Android I believe posted back in November perhaps?


It is actually for any device or pc. It is only for the mozilla firefox browser . You will need to go to add on and download Dark Reader.

You can then do dark mode and it fixes the text and make it white instead of that dark color.

For anyone else in the UK that’s 9am till 11am on Friday! Had to look it up and thought I’d save anyone else having to. :blush:

Yes, this is an issue that was added in v2. Not great for me either. Only fixes I have seen are leaving dark mode, or some sort of plugin. I want to see it fixed soon, but no updates so far. No color fix or options from settings except leaving dark mode - and I like dark mode better.

Of course, even before this dark mode wasn’t perfect - white bars around the edges of the space if you have a wide screen, at the top, etc. But this made it much worse. And I don’t understand why - both anker and soundcore use the same software and started from similar settings, and anker has been fine all along. Just over here.