Frames charging case

We asked

We got


I am hopeful it will be good but still did not get to see what the inside looks like.

I do like the the 33 hours and the case looks solid.

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Someone has one

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Seems like it would be useful for those with the frames.

I appreciate the case view as I had been a little busy on a few things the last few days. Overall the look of it does not seem that bad. I may invest in one in the future but already bought some cases to fit it and bought an extra charging cable.

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This seems very logical for a charging case. I would have thought it would have been there from the start.

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Instead of doing a new thread, I am adding it to this one.

I went to check out to see how the prices for the Frames were doing as they had been fluctuating.

They are no longer on the soundcore website. I am hoping they are maybe doing a version 2 of them but I do hate that they are not there (are still on other sites) and do question if it will continue in the future. :frowning:

I know me and @The_Professor have enjoyed them and I do hate to see them leave if that is the case

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I am still using mine daily, winter the “cafe” clear lens, for listening walking/biking.

I’d be sad if they didn’t exist and even sadder if a successor isn’t coming for if/when they eventually break.

Anker seems to be quietly imploding. Anyone else feel that?

I store some of Sennheiser MX in ears.
Those are still available, but who knows how long there are offers.