Frames charging case

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We got


I am hopeful it will be good but still did not get to see what the inside looks like.

I do like the the 33 hours and the case looks solid.

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Someone has one

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Seems like it would be useful for those with the frames.

I appreciate the case view as I had been a little busy on a few things the last few days. Overall the look of it does not seem that bad. I may invest in one in the future but already bought some cases to fit it and bought an extra charging cable.

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This seems very logical for a charging case. I would have thought it would have been there from the start.

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Instead of doing a new thread, I am adding it to this one.

I went to check out to see how the prices for the Frames were doing as they had been fluctuating.

They are no longer on the soundcore website. I am hoping they are maybe doing a version 2 of them but I do hate that they are not there (are still on other sites) and do question if it will continue in the future. :frowning:

I know me and @The_Professor have enjoyed them and I do hate to see them leave if that is the case

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I am still using mine daily, winter the “cafe” clear lens, for listening walking/biking.

I’d be sad if they didn’t exist and even sadder if a successor isn’t coming for if/when they eventually break.

Anker seems to be quietly imploding. Anyone else feel that?

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I store some of Sennheiser MX in ears.
Those are still available, but who knows how long there are offers.

I’ve been waiting silently for those cases to arrive in Europe, but seems like only USA and Canadians had a peek-view and try with this case. I have several pairs of these glasses, and would buy such a case right the way. Anyone had any knowledge about this product coming to EU? states sold out and buying from Canada makes this product extremely expensive like price X 4 to 6 for what it went in the states.

The Frame’s manuals and such aren’t even on the site anymore :frowning: seems like a quiet discontinuation. @The_Professor

I think they are still on Amazon. It is sad though as support would be harder to do if there is an issue

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Sad, it was a truly innovative product. I use it daily more than any other Soundcore product.

I’d rather they kept doing them and improved rather than the “yet another near identical TWS bud” :yawning_face:


Nope all sold out on amazon sadly, and even if there were, they don’t ship to EU to me.