Frames not charging

Hello, I was super happy with my frames that arrived last weekend… Unfortunately they are not charging at all… The green light never changes or turn off… I tried my laptop usb plug, and at least 3 to 5 different chargers (plugs) on different wall sockets… Yesterday they died and they dont get any charge back… I am so dissapointed… Has somebody had the same issue?

First off I don’t have them but I’m willing to try a little troubleshooting.

  1. Have you ever been able to charge them since you received them?
  2. If no it sounds like you might have a bad cord.

Either way, I’d contact Customer Support and let them now what’s going on and see if they have any suggestions/remedies.

Thanks. The light on the cord turn on, however they never charge.

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That sounds strange. I’d definitely Contact Support.

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I just dropped them at USPS for a replacement. =(

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Good luck on the return.

My initial thought was that the power supply was insufficient.

Keep us updated as that should be helpful to others as well.

Hm, its a new released product.
As far you write it has been charging before, or not??
I supposed its charged by cable.
You can try another cable.
Otherwise report the issue to the support.

I’m sorry to hear you had a problem that we couldn’t help you with. At the same time I’m happy to see Soundcore is taking care of you! :+1:


Good to see Soundcore is helping you out. They have a great staff. Please let us know if you have anymore issues.

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Given you’ve tried different chargers, if both sides are not charging then it’s probably a dud cable. If one side was not charging more likely one of the arms has an issue.

Probably if I were in support I’d be thinking the cable is at fault given your symptoms.

I don’t own this product so wild guessing is there more than one way you can orientate the cable, try it from different directions? Perhaps swap the direction of the cable to the arms???

The pins will be polarised and the video reviews show the pins look symmetric so it appears possible you can attach the cable the wrong way round??? Wild guessing.

Hi Carlos,
Please leave a notes to me or shoot me a private message. We will check and make things right.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I just did, thanks a lot

I am sorry to learn about the charging issue of your Soundcore Frames. May I know was the charging issue was solved?

No worry, be assured that we always stand behind our products, for the order from our in-store or authorized store, providing an 18-month warranty that covers any quality or manufacturing-related issue.

If the issue still persists, please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and the order#, our Soundcore technical support will help you pinpoint the issue, and claim the warranty for you as soon as possible.

Glad to see admins doing some support for users as well

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Isn’t that their job? :laughing:


I have the same issue now. Exactly as [carloserdzrdz] describes it. Nothing worked. I’ll have to send them for a replacement as well.