Free PC game- epic games (ends 5/28/20)

For the gamers,

Epic has put out there newest free game, yesterday, to use with their game launcher.

I heard about this in literally every podcast I listen to :laughing:. This game must be a big deal

Heard that Grandtheft auto (GTA) is free now on epic games also.

It was free up to yesterday. Since they are having a sale, it seems they are giving a game a week here recently.

Some are better than others.

Best ones for me has been the 6 Batman games (trilogy and lego trilogy)

It is like 3-4 years old. I have never played it but want too at some point. I think it is like the early sim cities games but I think more global. It reminds me of a game my youngest likes that I think is similar to this game (which I can not remember its name and which my kids tells me about all the time lol)

I played several of these, got very addicted once upon a time. Didn’t like the changes to hexagonal based tiles and unit movement in civ 5, and stopped before getting over the annoyance curve. So I claimed this one, but don’t think I will play it.

They may have gotten ‘just one more turn’ out of me for the last time already.