Frustrated with limited touch controls

I was lucky enough to take a chance on a little - known earbud called the Soundcore Life dot 2nc. Turns out that was the best $79 I ever spent. The options alone are worth the price of admission, not to mention that the sound is the best I ever heard from a set of earbuds. However, there’s one thing that these are in desperate need of and that’s additional touch controls. The double - tap and long - press options are just not enough to cover all the controls that are needed. From what I understand Soundcore decided not to use single - tap controls for the reason of accidental touches, however, I for one would like to be given the option to take that chance. I believe it would be worth the risk for the potential rewards.


This is the same on the Liberty Air 2 Pro model… Really hopeful it will be resolved in a future firmware update… They did modify things with the Liberty Air 2 so there is hope.

At least with the liberty air 2 pro, if you take an earbud out of your ear it stops. Not sure what other functions I’d need or want.

Volume - control from my phone
Anc - cycle though w/ press and hold either earbud

Volume would maybe be one that could be nice, but at present not sure if I need it to be a function of the earbuds

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I’d certainly champion the freedom to tweak these in the app but personally I disabled all touch controls as they were being accidentally done, all wireless buds fall out of my ear and so I’m pushing them back in. Even talking does it.

So I’d advocate it being configurable, as you asked for it to be option, not as any hard setting which will please one and annoy another.

The only issue with that is that they may not fix it with an update. They may just make a new iteration of those earbuds.

This was their solution for the Liberty air 2 as they had 3 iterations ( autopause and double tap, no autopaurse and single tap, and no autopause and double or single tap).

I would say that with different people wanting either single or double tap that you would think that this would just be a default setting in the app by now.

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Drifting off-thread to a degree, but there’s too many very similar buds and iterations. It becomes a support nightmare. Clearly delinearated products with unique names would make purchase decisions easier and support, both peer and official, substantially easier. The point you made of which version of Liberty Air 2, it would be a judgement error to do it again.

I’d also like all the features across all products which had the hardware capability. e.g. roll out HearID2 to all capable, not just in one and not others.

“KISS” as a product manager is the best way to stop PEBKAC in support.

Double tap would be usefull.