FULL REVIEW - Soundcore 3

Upon unboxing the speaker, it didn’t look like anything special. Just a soft, “rubbery” plastic shell like the material on the previous models and the Motion+ and a normal metal grill on the front, with a usb-c port on the right side of the speaker.

I turned on the speaker, and was met by the startup sound that all the newest Soundcore speaker models have.

I then got the speaker paired to my phone, quickly, with no issues.

I started some music - Christmas Saves the Year by Twenty One Pilots - “Wowwwww” was my immediate reaction. Shockingly crystal clear and detailed sound and shockingly rich and even somewhat deep bass came out of the speaker, filling my living room with ease.

I would say the sound is comparable to the Motion+, just not as much bass. From a speaker half the size and price. What more could a speaker enthusiast like me want?

The Soundcore 3 is quite loud, deafeningly loud in small and medium sized rooms, loud enough that you have to shout to talk over it.

The app works well. It quickly connects to the speaker, and enables you to install any future firmware updates on the speaker, turn the indication sounds on and off (max/minimum volume sound, startup and shutdown sounds) enable and disable BassUp, switch between some EQ presets, and set your own custom EQ settings (as many as you want) which can be named to whatever you want, and you can easily switch between them in the app.

Pushing the bass on the Custom EQ will cause the speaker to distort a bit, but there’s plenty of bass without adjusting it.

PartyCast worked seamlessly as well. I paired my phone to the Soundcore 3, then held down the bluetooth button until it began slowly blinking white, indicating it is in “transmitting” mode. I then turned on my Rave Neo speaker, held down the PartyCast button on it, and once it began flashing white slowly I short pressed the button once again to put it in “receiving” mode. It quickly connected to the Soundcore 3. I started some music, and it worked perfectly.

I would easily recommend this speaker to anyone looking for a small, durable, low priced, fairly loud, and high quality sounding speaker.

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Nice review and photos! It’s nice they have the slots for strings and string in the box. Just looked at the specs and turns out it is pretty light.

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Great review, and photos add quite a bit as well. Nicely done :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome if you think this holds up against the Motion+. I prefer at least the looks of the Motion over the Soundcore 3. The Soundcore 3 does have the party cast that I think the Motion+ can only connect one other Motion+ to.

Thanks for the posting the review.

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Great review

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Thanks for the share

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Thanks for the positive feedback all of you! Happy new year! :grin:


You are welcome

Happy New Year to you too!! Hope this year is better for all of us

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Yes let’s hope so :pray:

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Nice thanks for sharing with us

Does yours suffer from delayed audio when watching videos on youtube and amazon prime? Mine does. Tried resetting and different devices but same issue.

Nice review

Not a soundcore 3 owner here, but that is generally true of bluetooth devices - there is latency in the bluetooth connection, and unless the computer is compensating for it by delaying the video you will have things out of sync.

My experience is that most don’t. Unless sync doesn’t matter, I stick to wired connections for audio to go with my video.

The pictures don’t show an aux port - that would be my next step to try if it had one.

I do experience a delay as well. I typically avoid using bluetooth speakers for watching videos because of how common a delay can be.

Nice review. Thank you.

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I played a bit with the buttons on the speaker and somehow I fixed it. Now there is no delay. I noticed that when the bluetooth led was blinking white, the delay was present but when it was solid blue, there was no delay. @jercox

Awesome review

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The white blinking means its in PartyCast mode, so it was searching for other speakers to connect to. That makes sense.

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Not sure exactly why that would be - I thought that the blinking white was related to partycast (there is something like that on my Flare 2s), but no idea why it would create a delay.

Glad you found a fix.

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