Future firmware updates for the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro's

Are there any hints to future firmware updates suggesting that features like single tap and triple tap will be implemented for the Liberty Air 2 Pro’s, that’s actually the only deal-breaker for me, and if there isn’t; I’ll be waiting for the next pair of TWS ANC earbuds to be announced.

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No ideas at the moment.

Yeah unsure. I would think it may be less likely as we had Covid-19 lock down and that may cause some things to get delayed or not done at all.

But I was unsure that 2-3 pairs of earbuds came around over the last few months as well.

Would they do single tap? I feel that could be too easily set off accidentally when adjusting the earbuds… Although having said that, maybe not, it doesn’t seem that sensitive. It’s possibIe I just haven’t got the knack yet, but I don’t find my attempts at double tap get picked up on a lot of the time. It’s way easier to just take my phone out or an earbud out.

Covid-19 is not impacting product releases now. The manufacturing issues resolved and the work-from-home adjustment made.

It is more a function of market needs.

Issue with those who care about how many taps is it worsens the product for some to add features for others. So double tap makes single tap worse, triple tap makes double tap worse.

So this is more related to how important it is for some people over others. How would all those liking single tap cause double tap to be worse.

I’d not consider this a product release issue, but a consumer maturity issue.


Probably should wear my glasses more. :rofl:

I had thought it said Liberty 2 pro.

So now for the Liberty air 2 pro, if they do single tap or not, I really hope they make it more known on the box than what they did with the Liberty air 2.

I mean they had 3 different versions and firmware. It took the owners and us a little bit of time to figure out what was going on and what version they had.

Hey there, yes, there will be an upgrade firmware available in the middle of March. You may see the feature like single tap.

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That’s great! Hopefully there will also be updates to improve the ANC and ambient mode like how Samsung is doing to their galaxy buds pro too. Cheers!

The product was being tuned for 3 months before launch and is now 5 months from first mass beta. There’s only so much incrementally more can be done.

Buttons tweaking is firmware+app and can be tweaked but reality is any add necessarily takes something else away. ANC / Ambient I suspect can be improved slightly but the public statements and evidence suggest modest.

Haven’t heard any announcements. As always, wait for the feature to be implemented before investing if it is a dealbreaker or requirement for you.