Gallery points Awards?

The gallery items on the points screens indicate that the gallery points and notes are added at the first of the following month:

Does this mean these points will be added to the previous month or the following month when they are tallied and awarded? Also, I assume they will be dealt with after the holiday week in China, as the next working day is not until Monday.

I think that means the month after you won…

When I’ve uploaded an image or shared anything to social media the points have either gone on instantly or been added the following day…I’m guessing if your post is chosen for the SC social media feed it would be the same…

What do you see under you’re points and notes tab?

Don’t think so, that’s not what the rules say

Maybe I’m misreading things but I have not gotten any credit for any gallery uploads. Just tried again and nothing :man_shrugging:

I just shared on social media and got credit for the share of my content, but not the upload of the content.

I’ve noticed that I don’t always get point for uploading images. I found 1 every 24 hrs is all that is counted most days.

Have stopped tracking any points now, these are not happening as they should … checked for couple of weeks, hopefully these are fixed

I assumed something would happen in the first couple days of the month. Here in the next few days because of the holiday.

So if you can get points for you sharing your content on social media and potentially banned for sharing others. Why do they have the share links on all pictures that are not yours? (Copy, share to FB, n share to Twitter all look to be active). Unless they look at the how to earn points info they may just assume they can share it. I would take the links off if it is not your content to just prevent this by accident.
If they can not do this, I think they need bold letter text to warn them in red letters

I think it is safe to share other people’s content that they have posted here on social media. The issue would be posting other people’s content here as if it was your own. If I’m wrong, I would love to have this clarified.

I thought so too. I think if you share content that is your own on social media that you can get points. I thought you could potentially share others but the second part stated content must be your own, which I assumed meant that you can only get points for the content that is your and not others but I will assume that yet lol. The third part stated uploading other content which I assumed like you did meant re-uploading that social media content back on here may get your accounted banned.

That’s my read of the rules as well. you can always share what others have posted to the gallery if you use the soundcore link (that’s clearly covered in the terms of posting it to the gallery). I think they mean you canlt steal others’ media and share it to the gallery as your own. Great catch @jercox

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