Gallery tags missing

I just posted a photo in the gallery (check it out if you don’t mind). One issue I noticed, is that not every soundcore product is in the list of tags. I posted a photo of the Ace A0, but no tag was available for it. I ended up just tagging it as the mini 2, which is definitely not right.

If the soundcore team doesn’t know what products to add, @Insider has a great post here :crazy_face:.

@Loz @Chris.z25

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Yeah I wanted to review the Anker Soundcore Boost and the Soundcore nano, but the products aren’t listed in the review area.

Those are technically Anker products, not Soundcore products.

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Seems like a minor technicality to completely remove them from this site…

I thought Nano was one of earliest products under Soundcore brand…

Will check the box I have at home

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