Gallery : Theme of the week

Hi everyone ! :raising_hand_man:t2:

The gallery’s “best content of the week” challenge is interesting, and I respect the staff decisions, but we don’t really know under what terms the best content is being picked.

I really think it’d be in everyone’s interest to create more quality content there, and @Chiquinho’s idea of cleaning the gallery every month is a good step in that way, but I think we can do even more !

What about creating weekly or monthly challenges (:jack_o_lantern: Halloween is coming * cough cough *) to get more people involved and get more creativity from the community ?

At least we’d know exactly what the terms of the contests are, and it’d be a good way to keep creating content by being driven by the topics !

What do you guys think ? :slight_smile:


Halloween is to specific. :wink:
Here is NO ind Germany is no Hallowen.

Though we few lonely “krauts” are not important at all, the theme could be more global.

The idea is a good one, Florian.!

I’m not sure about every week, but I think they could have a lot of fun singling our certain weeks and asking us to focus on those themes for those weeks!

Yeah I figured every week would be a lot that’s why I added monthly. Maybe a week once in a while would be fun !

Could be cool… we could at least have user designated theme chosen…?.

Me, @ndalby, and @star100 have already started with a Halloween/ fall like theme. If they decide to do something like the themes, I think the holiday themes contest if done need to be early enough so that Soundcore could pick them if they wanted to use them for their social media. I know @Loz mentioned on my one pictures that he would like to see more Halloween themed pics since it is coming up.

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I like the monthly idea, or at least a seasonal theme. And just because a holiday isn’t celebrated everywhere, doesn’t mean it can’t be inspirational.