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Hi, I would like to buy soundcore earbuds maybe P3 life or libarty air 2. Any experience with Garmin watches? Is it BT connection stable without dropouts, stopouts after few minutes and with working volume control by the watch? Thanks


I own both models but I don’t have Garmin watches. So can’t say for sure, but connectivity with my android devices (phone and tablet) is ok.

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I was thinking the same thing. Meaning we can tell the OP how stable a Soundcore product’s Bluetooth connection is, but not so much how stable another products (IE Garmin Watch) Bluetooth connection is.

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Thanks for reply, what I found on the net the watches itself is another category, cause they are smaller and their signal is less stronger then smartphones, especially outside. But depending on the fact souncore connectivity is very good, there is a better chance this could work. And pls which of them life p3 and air 2 liberty are better? Something for running and maybe netfix on android… Is the touch control ok or problematic?


I think most of soundcore product should have decent connectivity. Although I think spirit dot 2 seems not as good. I do not have either buds stated but you may look at the spirit line as well as they are more exercise earbuds and may do better staying in your ears for a workout.

I don’t have a Garmin watch specifically but have had Sony, LG and Fossil smartwatches over last years.

Yes works well but it’s only because the buds are literally never more than arm’s length from your watch.

Whichever wrist your watch is on, take that same side bud out first, so the master is on the same side as the body so the signal doesn’t have to pass through you.

Most watches are BT 4.2 so be aware that will cause a master/slave TWS so the master will drain faster. Some watches may be BT 5.0 which is less of an issue.

The main challenge is NOT the setup, it does work, just smartwatches have tiny batteries and anything you do with them make then drain incredibly fast. I’d find I could only stream media off my watch say 1-2 hours til it’s flat. It’s really for no more than 30min jog type situation leaving phone behind.
Good luck.

It’s hard to say which is better. They are very similar. Life P3 has ANC Liberty Air 2 has AptX.

Thanks for your reply, you have experience with other brand watches like you wrote. What is your earbuds? I m a little bit confised, cause soundcore support wrote me about liberty air 2 that they are master/ slave with the master on the right. Does this mean I need something with master on the left side or with independently earbuds to work with my watch on the left hand for better conectivity? Does another soundcore earbuds have something like this?

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I believe what Soundcore meant by master - slave is 1 of the buds connects to your phone/watch and the other bud connects to your the bud that connects to the one that’s connected to your watch. For your situation, I think that would be best.

Some of the older buds had dual connection where both buds connected/paired to your phone, like the L2P for example.

I don’t have the Buds you are looking at but I do have the Liberty Air 2 Pro which are o a great sale at Amazon (USA) at the moment. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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So I ordered Liberty Air 2, yesterday the earbuds were delivered to me. I catched great sale and the product covers my needs. I m satisfied. I can confirm the earbuds works perfectly with Garmin Venu 2 for now, but not tested during the sport activity…


I’m happy to hear you got it all sorted. :+1:

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Nice to hear you are satisfied with the purchase. Liberty Air 2 are nice earbuds. I own them :grin: