Get Apple Music and Apple News Plus free for 6 months -- sounds too

Although good, I tend not to try them as those want to make you put in credit card and forget about it


That’s why you put it in your digital calender and set several notification reminders! I like to remind myself at least a week beforehand, if not two, then a few days before and the day before.

Yeah, I have done that before but still forgot it lol

Wow… :flushed::sweat_smile: In that case, you are probably wise to avoid that sort of thing then!
I have Scottish blood in me, don’t like to waste pounds or pennies lol! :grin: I’m also paranoid about forgetting it so I schedule about half a dozen reminders and it usually works…


Apple wants only one thing : your money.
I would be very careful to sign such “steals”

Afterwards the apple would look like this :



You could always get a temporary digital number for your card that expire after a set time. At least my card allows that

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I may check on that. Thanks

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I am not Apple fan but thanks for sharing

I am not much of an apple user either. I have Apple TV on a Roku to watch some movies I bought and an iPod. In less than 2 yrs, the iPad battery can not hold a charge and the screen edges are messing up.

Quality is getting worse, prizes are increasing.

I got old Ipod/Ipad from ca 2005.
Still perfect.
But of course they get no software updates. :angry:
Thats m the reason I never would buy any apple product.

Yes apple had a lawsuit on iPhones that their iOS updates knowingly reduced battery life driving people to update more frequently than they may have otherwise needed to…

Not sure if they still manage to sneak that in under guise of improvements…