Get Started with Liberty 3 Pro

You’ve just received your Liberty 3 Pro noise-cancelling earbuds, but before you start listening, make sure to check out these tips to get the most out of your new buds:

  • Upgrade Liberty 3 Pro’s firmware to the latest version after connecting the earbuds to the Soundcore app. Make sure you download the Soundcore app to experience the full range of features.

  • Open the packaging and on the left side of the “Get the Perfect Fit” segment you’ll notice a tab. Pull to reveal the USB-C charging cable. Make sure you charge the charging case before using the earbuds for the first time.

  • Select and install the ear tips before using the earbuds for the first time. We recommend starting with size M(2).

  • Make sure you’re wearing the earbuds in the correct position so that they create a tight, stable seal. You can check the steps in “Get the Perfect Fit” if you’re unsure how to wear them correctly. A good seal will enhance the sound quality and noise cancellation effect.

  • Remove one bud to auto pause the media and return the bud to the wearing position to resume playback. Remove both buds to stop the media and resume playback on your phone manually.

  • Go to “Controls” in the app to tailor the touch controls to suit you. Single Tap is turned off by default.

  • For more details on how to use your new earbuds, check out the How-to-Use videos here.

Don’t forget that Liberty 3 Pro comes with an 18-month warranty and hassle-free customer service so we’re here to help if you have any questions or encounter any issues. You can contact us via the Soundcore app help page or directly and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it helps some people out. :+1:

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Thanks for these important and needed tips for using your new earbuds.

I haven’t gotten a set yet but planning to get a pair in a month or two.

Thanks for sharing this information. Its good to know and a good for future reference.

Nice to see a faq of sorts if you will, and noticed you added in the YT vids. That’s often the first place I check after the community :upside_down_face:

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I don’t know if my buds are defective but i only got like just under 2 hours of battery life in normal mode with ldac on. Volume around 80%, also these don’t seem to be very load at full volume. Even the hearing id eq made to my ears is awful, have to customize the eq. after i use them i don’t charge them in the case and have them power off after 15 min. I should be able to get more usage then just under 2 hours?

I think El Jefe tested them with LDAC and ANC on and got around 3:20 hours. I haven’t run a battery test yet but have noticed LDAC does seem to consume the battery at rapid pace (not less that 2 hours though). As for not being loud, that’s not what I’ve found at all. As a matter of fact they are the loudest earbuds I own (60-70% is plenty loud for me).

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full volume on S10 phone not very loud? playing music on jetaudio

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I mainly play files I’ve ripped from my own CD’s, some are Flac and some 256K. I’m not familiar with JetAudio so I can’t say if they broadcast low (sound level) or not.

jetaudio is just the player on the phone, tried neutron but sound is horrible… 320k and flac i play as well

That’s strange … i cannot run my L3Pro’s at more than about 60-70% audio before it’s physically painfully loud
That’s just using Spotify on a Samsung S21 phone … mine are incredibly loud

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samsung s10 playing mp3 320k to flac can crank it to full and not very loud

I can have it here and be more than loud enough
If i put volume to 100% i cannot stand the volume for more than a second or two it’s that painful
That’s USB Audio Player Pro

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Consistent with all the reviews, yes loud.

Edited to add screenshot.

Got my pair today, and cannot complete the Firmware update for some reason. I’m using a Pixel 4 XL. The firmware downloads fine, and the progress circle in the Soundcore app shows “Installation Complete. Device is restarting…It will take a while, please wait.”

Meanwhile, with my buds inserted into the case, with the case open, the lights inside just slowly pulses on and off. It’s been this way for an hour now.

I also should mention that this is my second attempt. The first time, I tapped on the blue circle in the app. It took me back to the main menu, and the buds worked fine. However, when I tried to select LDAC, it said I needed to update the firmware. So here I am on the second attempt, and it’s doing the same thing as the first attempt. Install complete, but apparently stuck restarting, whatever that means.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Some people report this works

  • delete the pairing
  • put buds in case
  • turn phone bluetooth off
  • for your type of phone, settings, apps, show system ,bluetooth, force stop, storage, clear cache, reboot.
  • reset the buds
  • turn phone bluetooth on, pair
  • try again.

Some find not doing all these steps, simply phone off then on works .

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Thanks @kevinduck163

That definitely worked! I appreciate the response and help!

These earbuds are A M A Z I N G !!!

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Good to know. Obviously it would be good if the firmware update did not get stuck, but at least there’s (now proven to work) fix so you’re not stuck til support replies.

That trick of basically reset and reboot, is the most common suggestion, doesn’t work all occasions but even if you did contact support their go-to first advice is nearly always the above.

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Same here. S10. Spotify. Expected it to be louder.

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