Get Started with Soundcore Sport X10

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds:

The Complete Guide

How to Wear

  • Soundcore Sport X10 are workout earbuds with a rotatable earhook. The earhooks can rotate up to 210° and are non-removable and non-bendable.

  • Make sure you read to wear the “How to Wear” card in the packaging before wearing the earbuds or check the picture below:

  • If the earbuds feel uncomfortable or unstable in your ears, try picking a different size of ear tips from the selection provided in the packaging.

App Features

  • To enjoy the full range of features, download the Soundcore app.
  • After you connect Sport X10 to the Soundcore app for the first time, make sure to update the firmware to the latest version.
  • Turn on the “Wind Noise Reduction” feature in the app settings when using the earbuds in noise cancellation and transparency modes.
  • Use the “Breathe” feature to help relieve stress and increase focus before working out.


  • Soundcore Sport X10 have a physical button on the side of the earbuds.

Play / Pause: Double press the right earbud (Default)

Next: Double press the left earbud (Default)

Volume Up: Press the right earbud

Volume Down: Press the left earbud

Voice Assistant: Press the left or right earbud for 2 seconds (Only available when using a single earbud)

  • Customize the controls via the Soundcore app to suit your needs.

LED Indicators

  • There are no LED indicators on the earbuds, but there are 3 LED indicators in the charging case.

  • The first light flashes twice when the left earbud is placed in the case. The third light flashes twice when the right earbud is placed in the case.

  • LED indicators also tell you how much battery is remaining:

The left LED indicator flashes white for 3 seconds: 0-5% battery remaining

The left LED indicator is steady white for 3 seconds: 5-30% battery remaining

The left 2 LED indicators are steady white for 3 seconds: 30-70% battery remaining

All LED indicators are steady white for 3 seconds: 70-100% battery remaining

Don’t forget that Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds come with an 18-month warranty and hassle-free customer service so we’re here to help if you have any questions or encounter any issues. You can contact our Customer Service team via the Soundcore app’s Help page or email directly and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


FYI the product is not yet showing up in the app for some users, I had to help someone out on Reddit earlier today who had bought the product on launch day, they were in one of the official launch countries.

Have you whitelisted all accounts?

Do others here see the Sports series for manual add ready to connect if they buy the Sports X10?

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This is great! All anyone needs to know to get going. Thank you for this Hannah

I’m sure this will be useful to some who have bought the new Earbuds! :+1:

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Here’s the German version of the complete guide:

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