Getting earache / ear infection and don't know why?

I’ve been getting terrible pain in my ears lately and didn’t know what is causing it. The pain has lasted a few days and has been unbearable.

I’m using the Q45 overears. One thing I’ve noticed is the condensation build up and the heat that can be created through wearing them.

I don’t know about other headphones, only these ones. But the pain is tremendous where I’m actually using paracetamol to kill the pain.

Looking into this further, I’ve discovered some information that I think will be useful to other people.

##Headphones worn over or around the ear can cause pressure damage to the outside part of your ear, called the pinna** . Bending or squeezing the delicate cartilage of the pinna under headphones can cause pain, and you run the risk of causing a skin abrasion that could get infected.,abrasion%20that%20could%20get%20infected.


The very things that make headsets work best – a sealed environment close to the body – also make them much more likely to promote the growth of bacteria.

This also should be considered by Soundcore when upgrading. Endurance tests should be conducted to ensure comfort and low condensation. That infections of the ears are prevented.

If you are so sensitive you should not use.
Same as me : I can not use inear earbuds,
they make me pain in my ears when I plug them in perfectly.
And with overheads I feel really uncomfortable, like you.

So I use such old styled earphones and speakers and I am satisfied. :laughing:

(This type of earphones are not easy to find, so I stored a few. :rofl:)

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The Q30/Q35 are more open, less sweaty. That goes in hand with others can hear sound from them more.

I use one bud at a time and swap, the X10 don’t fall out so easily so less bothered about fit.

The Frames work well , nothing in or overs ears.

I use two Mini 3 Partycast to move around home while listening.

So there’s many alternatives. You can change to any of the above, a combination of each of these to suit the situation. I use Q30 in an evening to not make so much noise to others. I use X10 one bud at a time when I’m moving in a damp environment (e.g. walking in rain) , most hours I am listening to Frames and sometimes the Mini 3 Partycast when I doing housework.

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As someone who through a major car crash, and major trauma from a fall as an infant, who has mishaped ear canals and sinus passages I can tell you that if you feel sweaty or your headphones feel damp you were wearing them to long. On top of all that I have extreme eczema in my canals. I personally use the q30/35 and find them lighter in weight and not overly tight with the clamp force. As the professor stated “breathable” . In my particular case excessive moisture build up in my ears leads to not just bacterial infection but also bothers my eczema due to the fact my ears do not drain. My ear doctor even told me if I ever need hearing aids I should never get traditional ones that are inserted or cover my opening. I mostly use my mini but when need to use headphones I stick with lightweight breathable ones and use cotton covers. I also always make sure they are completely over ear so my entire ear fits inside the cup as I do not like anything resting on my ears.
My ear doctor also said that with more people using headphones and buds he is also seeing increases in yeast type infections, he suggests limiting time use and volume to all his patients.
That being said I just got over a bad infection of my ears nose and throat due to allergies.


If you think about flats/houses which were built in the modern “Eco-Style”
(100% sealed to save energy for heating)
the result of insufficient airing is mould growth.

People, cooking, washing etc. produce humidity.
if there is no way to escape, the water remains on walls etc.

Result : Moulds

Same happens to one’s ears when sealed by such headphones.


Very true. People think I’m crazy for slightly opening a window even in winter. I always say it’s good to air out the house


Of course it is.
But you should not open it the whole day. :grin:

A few minutes fully opened to change air is the best.

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Ok, I thought it was only me. Last night I couldn’t sleep because the ear pain was so much I had to go to the late night pharmacy and get a new box of paracetamol. Even now my ears are tingling with itch inside the canal.

I’m staying away from the headphones for now but they do attract condensation.

I noticed the Sony xm5 headphones are softer, I wonder if they have resolved the problem?

Seriously, this is like an earache from hell. If you can imagine toothache in your ears.

I hope soundcore developers are making notes.

I didn’t have the problem with the inears though when I had the l3p.

Let me just say, this ear infection isn’t going over night, it’s lingering. :worried:

Stop using them now if you’re getting intense pain you’re at imminent risk of going permanently partly deaf as pain implies infection which can scar and a permanent ear canal damage including it become blocked with the scar tissue. Pain requires a pressure which involves a large volume of material in the canal.

If in return window then return, otherwise gift them to someone with more tolerant ears.

Suggest you try the X10, and alternate which ear you use so you forgo stereo but it stays put with plenty of rest between swapping, or Frames which is stereo and nothing in / over ear. I have both and work really well. I have Q30 which is identical in this area as Q35. Any or combination of these should be satisfactory.

Today I used the Motion+ on laptop, then moved to Frames for rest of the day (which I love, perfect answer for background listening when not in noisy places and not near others), now using X10 (as indoors with someone and one X10 doesn’t noise for others) and later will be using Q30. This swapping means my ears and the canal are not heavily stressed.

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Agree to return or gift them. I had got some Beats and they hurt my ears so I gift them to son. I tried some years later and same issue. Son enjoyed those years.

Ears n head sizes are different and what may hurt you will not hurt another which is is sad to a point. Add in the ear sweat n ear aches and I would not use them.


Dont use headphones any more, even those you think they dont bother you.
You are sensitive and you should avoid these type.
Its a pity but its the truth.
So called light weighted “on ears” cam in my mind.
Those with foam as cushions for the ears.
My wife has such one., because she dont use neither earbuds nor closed headphones.


Don’t use them if they are causing earache/infection. That seems like common sense to me. I can’t think of anyway to sugarcoat that.

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Yeah I’m not using them now , not until the infection has completely gone anyway. It’s not going over night …

Hey those L4s look great, but they don’t sell them here in Europe. I suppose it’s a case of waiting for the L4Ps .

I’m so picky for sound now … Rich bass and clear highs, will we ever get there :relieved:

Tbh I’d never use them again if you’re the type to have had a problem.

Plenty of alternatives exist as explained above.

It’s not worth potential ruining your hearing.

The L4 probably will come to Europe “soon”. Finger in air guess is within a month.

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NIkw"tbh"m. :laughing:

Lol it took me a few minutes but I figured it out. I see tons of kids using tbh, personally I do not like using it. I prefer to type things out but I do realize my grammar and spelling is horrendous. They are even worse when I’m on my phone. Lol

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Now I know what tbh means :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you are polite you say
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
If not
mfG” in German.

A little bit more of typing shows the others that the writer spend some time for the reader.
Otherwise I type very fast, so I really don’t mind.

You are not the worst here at typing.

I do think someone needs to watch this

Same problem with me whenever i used to listen music … after 2020 i got ear infection not one time but 2 or 3 times it’s pain severely…
Before 2020 i have no problem whenever i used earphones or headphones now i quiet using these earphones or headphones i used my motion +only

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