Getting rid of the blinking white pause light

I use my Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro’s a lot in bed.
Before I go to sleep i usually watch a few videos on YouTube or some episodes of something on Netflix.
In between every video i watch the earbuds start slowly blinking to indicate they’re paired but there’s no sound playing. Why???
It’s the most annoying thing ever, especially because its so bright in a darkened room that everything gets lit up.

I use a screen darkener app to not annoy my girlfriend when she’s trying to sleep and I’m still watching videos, but there’s no way to soften or turn off the lights on the Soundcore.
They’re a little too expensive for me to paint over the light or place a sticker over it.

So please please please, add a function to the app to turn off/on/change lights for different situations.
This would greatly improve the user experience because right now it’s a mayor turnoff.


The lights need to go


I agree. It makes me not want to use these at night in the dark. It just seems common sense to make it possible to turn them off. Please let us turn off the lights!


I agree! I wanted to use the Liberty Pro 2 for video calls, but I simply can’t.

It looks EXTREMELY annoying and dumb that my ears keep blinking… Anker, is there any way to do this in a firmware update? I am still using my wired earbuds for video calls because these blinking LEDs just ruin it.


+1 I find it so annoying that I’m thinking about sending them back because of this (and the constant white nose)


+1 please add this function.

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Has there been an update to this? It is very annoying to be using these at night and have them blinking. Also I have them paired to my work phone and when they’re just sitting there they blink constantly, and irritating to the person across from me.


I have not heard of any update to turn off the blinking lights. I think it is there for some visual indicator if they are are paired (slow blink) or not paired (fast blink) or trying to pair (blink red).

You can always contact and comment on this pending issue and they should be able to present it to the appropriate people and/or can tell you if there is something being done.


I personally don’t see the blinking light as an issue. Not sure about you but I haven’t seen anyone complain about my Life 2 or my Dot 2

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I agree, the lights must go. I hate blinking lights in general, there should always be a way to disable them.


Yes, yes, yes! They‘re basically unwearable at night. Very annoying.


I would echo this complaint. We should be able to disable the lights.

Agree should be able to disable in the app, but in the short term use some kind of ink / paint over?

The The lighting is very annoying. I cannot use the headset in official places. I wish to provide a way to disable it. The headset is better than the Apple headset, but the presence of lighting made me use the bad Apple headset and I am thinking of buying a newer model.

Okay soundcore will not fix this, its so annoying i will send them back and never will buy anything from Anker or Soundcore again.