Giant Earbud Speaker

So I was surfing Ebay because I was bored, and found this giant speaker that looks like an airpod! I wouldn’t buy because it isn’t a trusted or well known brand but still. A GIANT EARBUD SPEAKER!!

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It is pretty interesting…

Very interesting and unusual idea! It does depend on the quality as well, but I do wonder how loud it would be… The actual speaker part seems very small so I’m not sure if it would sound great.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought too, but then again, this is basically a giant earbud, and the speakers on earbud’s are small. So I guess they wanted to make a almost perfect replica?:thinking:

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I will say that the person has some good fabrication skills.

I totally agree.

Very impressive. I wonder though, for $20 would it be true to picture?

Doubtful… photo shopped maybe?

Yeah, that would make sense. Still, they would’ve had to be really good at it. Although there are those buttons…

You can get those on Aliexpress for 12 USD. I think you shouldn’t expect quality sound from those. There is picture from buyers review:

I wasn’t planning on buying it, but that’s a lot bigger than I thought it was!

I think the AliExpress ones look bigger but visibly poorly made. Not that I would have great confidence in either… :thinking::grin:

Yeah, they look really cheap.

Earbuds in general are hard to keep in my ears, I feel like this one might not do the job.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t lose it if it fell…

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LOL yeah might be hard to keep in your ears🤔

You know for some strange reason, I think I saw this somewhere else but can not remember where.

Maybe you were doing the same thing as me?

Funny design, but I think the sound will not be satisfying regarding the construction.
But who ever knows! :grinning:

I’m not gonna try it, because it’ll probably be a waste of $20.

I guess you are right

I’m not gonna try and find out!

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