Give away tickets not coming in

Hey guys I recently purchased some giveaway tickets with my notes and they have not come int yet. How long can I expect to wait for them to come into my account.

They usually take about a week or so. You don’t have to convert your notes to giveaway tickets.
So notes can be used as tickets instantly for the giveaways and you don’t have to convert them over.

Say you have 5 tickets and 5 notes and the max giveaway entries is 10 you can just add 10 and the system will automatically take the 5 tickets and 5 notes to make 10 without you having to wait the period of time doing it through the reward system.


Oh ok thanks so much. I thought the only way was to buy the giveaway tickets from that little item shop.

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That’s good to know, as I’ve also befallen the notes to tix conversion thinger.

Reminds me I should follow up w/ sean :thinking:

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I would almost not do notes to tickets. If you stay on here and participate, you will get plenty of tickets opportunities in the beginning from leveling.

With the leveling you should also get near 100 notes after several levels and this is worth 20 dollars or a couple of 10s.

There also seem to be an increase in tickets being given or won.

A tip on the giveaway is if it is a popular item, I would use the 15 max tickets. For a less popular item, you may get by with less tickets. I won a spirit pro with 3 tickets.


Seems they have been a little bit behind on the the usually rapid conversion of notes to tickets as well as adding points notes and tickets to people’s accounts so just try to stay patient and they will come

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Sean did say that tickets were updated for last month’s leaderboard but I’m not too sure about other winners like photo of the week and what not

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The auto conversion caught me once early. Never again.


I received my tickets from last month’s leaderboard, so that one is up to date. I have done the same thing with converstering tickets to notes and it took awhile. I had to get message Loz to get the conversion complete.


I too noticed the leaderboard prizes from sept were awarded… and also befell the notes / tix swapperoo… I think sean was checking into it for me.

Would be nice if the events credits were a little less generic, tough to keep track.

Have they come in yet?

No not yet. I am hoping they will put it in before the next giveaway.

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probably wait till monday since its the weekend and they are off or at least not on as often

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I’ve been having problems with my points coming in too. Sometimes the system won’t count my points, even though I try multiple times. Like when I tried to share a thread the points would not register. I even tried sharing 9 more times but none of them registered for the points.

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I can help out, with how I manage. I’ll send you a Dm.

All point are on a 24 hour counter not per day. If commented on 2,3,4,5,6 then then the first pt you would get is at 2 next day. No comment points til 3 and so on.

Same with threads n shares.

This is why it is hard for me to even stay up there due the family and spending time with them. :rofl:. Kids come first…


Is there a secret I don’t know about :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah it does get hard I struggle most with class times which is usually where I fall behind. Family as well or some times it’s just life and it slips my mind that being on earlier isn’t 24 hours. But honestly the points aren’t really what matters the people are at the end of the day and what we have here is one great community. Hope you have a great week

No, just didn’t think it was something that the vets needed to scroll through.

@Duane_Lester pretty much nailed it.

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Ah makes sense I was so confused at first thinking you found some secret loop hole or something that I just didn’t realize :joy::joy: hope you have a great week!