Give away tickets not coming in

The other part is to keep the points done at the same times. If not, you lose hours which can make you lose a day as I believe it resets at 12 utc time.

With kids, it is impossible to do.

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So easy to get out of sync… life happens right, especially with kids.

Spent the day at the zoo yesterday with the fam, was chilly but fun.

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So my tickets still haven’t come in and I want to enter the giveaway what should I do?

The giveaway still has time to end so just wait until you receive a ticket. If you don’t receive them by say Friday or so then you can enter the amount of entries using straight notes (since 1 note = 1 ticket). Btw did the notes get subtracted from your account already?

The notes get taken away right then. Or they did when I had to learn the hard way like this lol.

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Yeah the notes got taken right away but still no giveaway tickets

Ok yea in that case wait and see until Friday or Saturday. You can enter the giveaway straight away without technically having tickets

An entire week and my tickets did not come in. Also I missed the giveaway. :cry:

There will be more with better things. You

You could’ve still entered if you have extra notes. But as @Unnamed said, there will be more coming that might be better. Mini is top firing speaker so probably wouldn’t sound as well as Flare series or even front firing Icon series

I think this relates to another thread they talked about having issues with this right now when someone else tried to trade in for a flare mini

Is there anyone I can contact because it has been like 2 weeks now.


Ok thank you.

its probably the same answer as this one.