Giveaway: Linus Tech Tips Limited Edition Liberty 2 Pro [CLOSED]

Bruhh i just want the and treat them like my baby
And i love the architeture

Wow these are really nice Id love to have one! Goodluck everyone😃!

I like the gold logos, it makes it look cool

but do they sound good

Yay gimme please

These two audio engineers seem pretty satisfied with them.


Looks Great !

They look awesome, especially the LTT edition!

Check out the reviews from Forbes, The Next Web and Major HiFi.

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These look great! I’d love to try them out :+1:t4:

Loved them, really great stuff. Good luck everyone!!

The pixel 4 is something special :hushed::sunglasses::goat:

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These look awesome! I’ve been looking for a new pair of ear buds too!

Hmmm, I need a new pair of earphones :thinking: these look great :+1::eyes::smirk:

Big fan of the entire product line very interested in trying these out.

LTT logo on those looks dope. Also that door on the charging dock will be played with till broken.

I wish it was Friday already ._.

Tech Tober is going all out :sunglasses::goat::ok_hand:

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Thanks for the opps

This looks cool :ok_hand: