Giveaway validity

I wanted to enter this and buy a ticket, then realized whether the Icon Mini is available in Canada or not. If it is not shipping to Canada, then I might be wasting my chances. And there is no way to know from the current site about the valid country residents to enter this giveawsy as they used to on Anker’s community (See a picture of PowerDraw below)

Am I missing something?

PS: Yes, I have done my research and mini is available on “with a $6 coupon” but this question is more in general.

If I had to guess, I would say valid everywhere but you know what they say when you assume something. I think that is a very good question outside of knowledge range.

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Not true with most of the products they offer on giveaways though… so you have to be careful before buying the tickets with your “hard earned” points :wink:

@Ice good question posted!!

We should get official response from @Loz @Hannah @Will to be sure that the Canada location is valid before you enter the giveaway

i faintly remember this was mentioned somewhere on this community, unable to recollect

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I would guess if you can buy the item via amazon in CA it should be delivered.
But ask, before you make a mistake.

Beside this, the little speaker (I call him Gulliver -> Gallery) is great after you made some adjustments via a good equalizer.
Mine was “stolen” by my daughter… :
“What is this? Such a tiny, chic thing with such a great sound!”

What can I do? :joy:

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If you enter, and it ends up not being available, then im sure that they would refund your tickets

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Would be a bigger disappointment if you won and then came to know it is not available :neutral_face:

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I agree, but don’t want to go through those hassles everytime and how do you know if it’s not available and that’s why you didn’t get it? your giveaway points will just go into that giant black hole :rofl:

That’s what happens when you have nice little things, they get feet and walk away :blush:

I really would have to say that since no geographical fence is listed then anyone that wants it can enter it. If you win and they couldnt send that item I would think another comporable one could be negotiated.

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Your right, plenty of products are not sold out of USA, despite the boat coming to UK/Europe before it gets to USA, which is it’s last visit before going back to fill up!

This is based on all the documentaries I’ve watched on big ships etc.

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Very true and it happened to me. But it deceiving that you bought tickets for the item you liked and you end up choosing what is available.

You got it @Macblank

I know! lol

I’ve attached argued this for almost 2 years.

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According to the party has started:

  • Soundcore Coupons and swag are currently only available in the US;
  • iTunes Gift Cards and Giveaway Tickets are open to US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES;
    But I defer to @Loz
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Tickets are open but the products??

I wouldn’t assume anything unless you get confirmation on it because I burned myself on the Anker forum with winning a powerdraw only to find out it was not in my country

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I know, it’s frustrating. @ankerofficial was nice to reimburse those points/bucks case by case, but it’s good to clarify things ahead.
@will, @Hannah, @Loz any word on this plz?

As the giveaway section is, in our opinion, the least important part of the Soundcore Collective, and we’d prefer to bring value by giving guaranteed rewards for actions, I’ve asked the team to choose products for the giveaway section that are available to the majority, if not all of our current markets. If you do win something from the giveaway section not available in your market we will obviously refund your giveaway tickets.


I think that is pretty good for everyone

that is great to see that if product giveaway is not available in some countries that a ticket refund will be given back

One of the problems with ANKER products was,
those were often available on US market only.
I don’t really mind , but for many others it was a kind of frustration.

We few over the pond are not so important. :wink:

Market is market.
So for me all this is not a problem.

But I think those few from UK and DE which are active here are always welcome!:smiley: