Glastonbury was a superspreader event? What a surprise

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No risk, no fun! :wink:

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Nothing surprising there. Thanks for the share.

The latest variant is highly transmissible and evades existing immunity so we’re all going to get it again.

So might as well enjoy life in the interim, whilst keep our support systems (freezer, friends, family, neighbours) around to help each other through our personal unwell periods.

In my case I seem to be the one who never gets ill and helps others, but who knows the next time round. I’d quite like a bit of being pampered having had 2 years of delivering food etc to others.

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Not surprised at all. Thanks for sharing

Good on you for being the helper!

I get a funny feeling that my time to catch it is about to come soon.

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Don’t mind, all friends here who go it, told me it was harmless.
My physio said, he would never have noticed it, but he has to test every week.
So he knew about : A sore throat that was all.

Only propaganda tells us it’s so horrible,
Seems they have a lot of shots left and these need to be injected to the ***** people.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

True most will be no to low illness but just have the obvious things at home to allow for if you’re one to be unlucky.

There’s a couple here who are both very ill. I picked up and dropped off a kettle for them so they can make drinks separately.

Be a good neighbour.

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