Gold connectors on Liberty 2 Pro Wearing away advise needed

Hi i have had the soundcore liberty pro 2 buds since there launch and i have noticed recently that the gold connecters on the buds has started to wear out leaving it grey looking. as anyone else had this issue and if so could you please advise me what it could be and how i can sort it out. Thanks

I think I know what you mean by “gold connectors”. How did you manage to get them into that state? Is it sweat? I’m also interested to know whether this is a concern, if anyone would point out. Hmm…

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No it can’t be sweat as i do not sweat that much and I have another pair that do not have the issue. The reason I have pointed it out is I am worried that they may stop charging if the connection is not as it was when purchased.

@darrenoc25 have you placed these earbuds in a bag or pocket with keys or metallic items, these may have rubbed and managed to damage / wearing the charging connectors on the Liberty2 Pro.

I would suggest you take high resolution pics from your phone and mail them along with the question to Soundcore Support , they would suggest the cause / advise as necessary

It’s quite possible that they may have came onto contact with a coin in my pocket at some stage. I will follow your advice and take a high resolution picture and contact customer services and see what they say. Thanks for the advice.