Good news or bad? Bug counts way down

This is presented as a clearly bad thing. But I’m not that convinced - many fewer insects means a lot less collisions with my windshield, and in my house, and a whole lot of other places.

It is much more pleasant to use my Motion Q outside when there aren’t as many bugs out. And that would be much worse with a Flare or Rave and all the extra light.

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I consider it a bad thing. Living out the country I see a large decline in bug-to-windshield deaths for weeks after the ranchers and farmers spray their fields. Everything from the bees to butterflies disappear. Since we have an organic garden and do not spray that stuff, we have a large population. But even without the spray, I still see a lot less beneficial insects on the property than I did 3 years ago.

I think I’m going try some tracking and see if there is decline on my property.


Many gardens around here are “sterile”.
Lawn only!
No flowers nothing, only green grass.

Last year we arranged many special flowers for bees!
It was a great success, we could see them coming and taking nectar and pollen.

And they helped my little apple tree producing a rich harvest.
About 20 apples! :joy:


Not to bad. Some apples are better than none.


The name of the apple is “Alkmene”.
A little tree in a small garden in the midst of the city.
So those 20 apples are a lot, you are right.

The neighbor left side has a huge apple tree, but no apples! :rofl:


Next year we are planting about 15 dwarf fruit trees and plan to sell them at market


Too far away to be a customer of yours.
But I will take a foto when some apple will appear in autumn.
Should be 21 this year, a growth rate, indeed! :joy:


21 apples is a nice bunch. But around my house that would be a few weeks worth at most (7 people). So many we have to buy anyway.

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I dont eat apples, though its MY tree. :smile:
I taste only one after the really big harvest!
All for my beloved wife!

But the funny thing is, that we still have apples in the midst of a quite big city,

We should stop our private apple thread.
But this is family talk!

@Loz how about to open such a funny “family” topic!

At Anker’s forum. we have our “weekend activities”-thread giving so many insights of the life of our family members.

There are so many other things to talk about.
Not only earbuds, speakers and the mysterious “hissing” :joy: