Goodbye AirPod Pro's, Hello Soundcore Life P2's: Unboxing and Review

It’s yet another Earphone / Headphone review but this time, can the budget beat the Apple AirPod Pro’s? These were purchased from Amazon and all thoughts and reactions are my own. This is not sponsored!

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Great review @Tj1311

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Thanks again Mike, glad you’re enjoying! Looking forward to the day when I get my hands on the Liberty 2’s and the Q30’s to test.

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Another superb vid. I really enjoy the approach you took to review these. Focusing on price vs. feature while still having fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, it’s so nice to hear people appreciate the videos.

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Nice review. Thanks.

You’re very welcome

This was a really interesting review, I was surprised at some of the answers!

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Very glad to hear it!

Nice review! Thanks for sharing can’t wait to see what else you come out with

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Thanks ktkundy! Hoping to persuade Soundcore to donate some bits to review. Thinking looking at a Roomba too

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Like it @Tj1311
I like your perspective.

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Hi all, SoundCore are looking for testers on their latest headphone set, due out next week. If you enjoyed my video could you send some love my way over here:

Hi @Tj1311

I just got a pair of these by winning a community giveaway.

Initially a little disappointed they don’t work with the sound core app, like my Q35s, however for the price (In my case free) they are very good.
Comfortable, well made and actually sound decent enough.

As you say in your review, they are a good option to keep in your pocket for when needed.

Definitely can’t fault them for free! I’ve had mine three months now and they are used almost daily. They still go in the shower most days, have been caught in torrential downpours and dropped multiple times.

I did find the sound quality improved when I sat and spent time using each bud size. Once I’d dialled in the perfect fit, it improved the listening experience tenfold.


Nice review. I just saw it yesterday on YouTube when I was looking around. Then this morning, I see this thread. Thanks for putting in the time and effort required for the review. :+1:


You’re welcome, I’m glad you found it useful!

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Really pleased to see more users buying the Life P2s based on my video. Once mine are dead, it’ll be time to review the gorgeous looking P3s!