Google debuts an Apple Watch YouTube Music app

There was a thread earlier but Google closing their Music app and moving to Youtube Music. Now for all Apple watch and Youtube Music users, Google is rolling out a watch app which seems to look similar to Apple Music app. Now let’s just hope that Google doesn’t change its mind and shut this app too

I doubt Google will shutdown youtube music, since it seems like they will be investing more into that after shutting down Google music

Nice I’m not an Apple Watch user but I’m hoping they can pick a music app and stick with it

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YT Music has a bad interface on mobile, can’t imagine how it would be more fun in less space.

Not a YT music user but if it is similar to Apple Music (based on photos it sure looks like it) then this won’t be great for people who try to use watch only. Something I really don’t like about the Apple watch.

Let’s just hope so honestly