Google Sign-in for Soundcore?

Hi Soundcore Team

For past week or so, since the login issues we had, I am no longer able to use the Google Sign-in option, trying to login using Google brings me back to the login page, same for mobile and laptop, forcing me to login everytime with Username and password.

Is this option being deprecated?

@Loz Can you please advice,. Thanks!

Have you tried to sign in again using the google log in? Might be an issue as with anker forum where users had to sign in twice

have tried to login multiple times using Google sign-in on Soundcore… These simply bring back to login page.

Anker forum seems fine for Google sign-in

You can see that it’s the old G+, maybe you just need to remove your current app and install a new one :thinking:
Or do like me. Newer log out :wink:

Had the same issue a week ago.

Regular logins were all messed up a week ago. Maybe it is just going around…