Got a Good Ear for Earphones? Then I Need Your Advice

Greeting fellow Collective members!

I’m thinking of buying some earphones for my wife’s birthday, which ones should I choose?

The Liberty 2 Pro certainly seems exciting specs-wise, but I’m just not sure about the price. Are they really worth it? My wife loves lyric-heavy pop songs like Abba. Can Liberty 2 Pro handle such songs?

Thanks all! Excited to hear your advice : D

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May be she would like some earbuds instead of
earphones ( sport, gymnastics, outdoor axtivities)
Using an eq , all earphones
and earbuds can be adjusted perfectly, don’t worry.
( I like ABBA too😁)

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I have the following earbuds: Liberty Air, Liberty Air 2, Liberty Neo, Zolo+, Liberty 2Pro, Life P2, and the original airpods.

Out of all of these, I would recommend either if the 3 newest ones such as the liberty air 2, life p2, or even the liberty 2 pro. But, the real question is would your wife use and take advantage of the Soundcore app which has the equalizer and button customization?
Another question I want to ask is are you using high definition or high bitrate files to listen music? Because if your listening to just a basic spotify or other streaming services then save your money and go with the Liberty Air 2 or the life p2…if you use the app get the liberty air 2, and if no app then life p2.

Hope I didn’t confuse you too much, feel free to ask me any questions


Wow @tank what a collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of ear buds.
I need to call you a ear buds PRO :joy:

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:sweat_smile: might want to wait on that, I have a few more coming types coming, lol.

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Wow, what an in-depth reply. My heartfelt thanks, @Tank

She would certainly use and take advantage of the Sundcore app and its array of features.

As for your second question, just Spotify as opposed to high-def audio files.

With those answers and looking at your stellar recommendations, it sounds like Liberty Air 2 is the way to go!

Thank you wholeheartedly for your aid!

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