Got the Q30 Yesterday

Soundcore all I can say is wow!!! For 59.99 I just got a pair of headphones that sound wise and anc wise outperform a pair of sennheiser momentum m2 that I got months ago on sale for 199 reg 349… these are that good!!! To me they are the liberty 2 pro of over ears!!! Never again am I touching another product or even testing others besides yours!!! These are that good and still holds true to the liberty 2 pro!!! Bravo Soundcore!!!


Grats on the grab for 60 and good listening.

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Awesome news that you are loving the Q30’s!

You should write a review after about a month of use… It is nice to hear about new products and how other like them or not.

Write a review and add photos.
All here would like to see and read!


so glad to hear you like them. a review or even some pics would be great

Awesome glad you enjoy them

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Will share more about em on Sunday after I get some more time with em but im seriously blown away… sound great and anc is very good but again the sound is where it’s at and bein theyre compatible with the soundcore app is in my mind and ears a game changer!!

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Take your time.
But the headphones looks very solid and goo styled.

Thanks for the first photos.

So the Q30 is out…
Previously all I saw was how they said Q10 was best for over-ear and that Q20 sounded worse. Now if Q30 is even better, I’d replace Q10 with Q30 in my wishlist.

Enjoy your Q30!

Didn’t buy the q10 or q20 but id be very surprised if the 10 sounds better than the 30!!! Not only that but after owning other pairs from 200 to 350 the anc on these 30s are better and soundwise is amazing!!! Even at 79.99 the q30 in my opinion is an absolute steal!!!

Very positive review, glad to hear they are that good. I look forward to trying them eventually.

I cant recommend these enough and will add some to this post tomorrow but to compare ive owned sennheiser momentum m2. beats studio 3. And lastly AKG N700NC M2… brought back the first two after bein let down in all areas … sound… anc… etc… I loved the akg pair… when this were announced and I got in on preorder I went out on a limb and just sold the akg… as soon as I got these . Opened em up . Paired them to soundcore app and had a listen… I instantly knew I made the right choice… these are that good man!!!

Good deal on your purchase, and glad you are liking them so far.

I agree with @Chiquinho, take some time and put together your review. Will be better :wink:

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I would say a review should be written after 1 month minimum of intsensive use.
Otherwise it may be too enthusiastic and not complete.

The worst thing what is more and more published at these “social media”
are those simple unboxing videos and
“cut and past” reviews. We have seen some examples meanwhile.

That’s really annoying at all, not worth to take a look at.

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As you can we enjoy rge reviews because it makes us more informed about how good or not they are. The more reviews can help new users who come to the community to check out reviews before buying them as well as coming here for help as well. As stated take a few weeks and soak up things you liked and did not like. There are admin for soundcore that checks these out and may take your suggestion or dislikes back and make a better next product in the future… :wink:

I am sure he will do much better than many reviews published at social media.