Great present options

Spirit Dot 2 and the Flare 2 both make the list here. Along with some more expensive options.

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Flare 2 :raised_hands:t2: :fire:

Yes I’m down for a flare 2 or two… nice to see Canada getting in the action!!

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nice to see soundcore made the list with two products

Can’t wait to get my flare 2

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Yess I want the flare 2 :raised_hands:t2::heart_eyes:

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Mine arrived today… it just beat out the snow dump…

Nice share

Spirit dots are pretty good and will tell you about the flare too here soon :wink:

I definitely agree about buying the flare 2 as a gift. I just recently acquired one and I’m glad I purchased one. Will be buying another one, so I can sync them together and play music through the house while I clean. :heart_eyes: