Greetings from HK, Liberty 2 Pro Good & Bad after a week of use

I would start with thanking the Soundcore community for a great product and indepth reviews in helping me make a choice for my new workhorse TWS earbuds a Liberty 2 pro. They just got released on HK a week back and i picked them on the first day itself ( i know would have overpaid ) given in US its about $150 but in HK official version were for $170 but given reviews i bough them nonetheless.

My previous two earbuds have been Jabra elite 65t for calls and Bose sound sport free for music. But i was looking for a product which could suit for both purposes the closest which came were the Sony 1000XM3, but they were terrible for phone calls and based on reviews and comments i decided to go ahead with the LP2( no demo piece in HK in any shop) . i use my headphones for almost 3 hour a day in varied environment from taxi travel , subway, office & gym. The handset i use is S10+ . So here are my findings


  1. Sound quality : Just one word amazing, i would not say they live upto the hype( which gives a negative connotation for me) , as they actually totally worth the praise. My Jabra elite 65t sound terrible infront of them and i prefer the sound signature and bass for LP2 over my Bose , plus the presets are perfect depending on song type and mood.
  2. Battery life: Both those headsets always failed on me whenever i needed them during continuous use , but over last one week LP2 always had juice left in them which is phenomenal
  3. Call quality: Awesome again, i am talking about in subway or noisy busy streets of central HK, the person on the other side never complained of not being able to hear me or too much background noise. With my Jabra elite 65t as soon as i stepped outside of my office or in a subway people had a terrible time hearing me . I would not even compare Bose one as they were useless for calls almost
  4. Noise Isolation: The fit on these are perfect , even in gym during intense activities they never fell off and I never felt the need for noise cancellation as when I put them in I am in my zone with close to zero external sound entering my ears.


  1. Static/white noise during calls: This started for me after two days of use, even though the person on other side is unable to hear it , but for me through the call there is a faint white-noise which has started to bother me recently . I think i have the newest version ( my box said revision 1) so not sure if this is normal ? Has anyone of you noticed it as well ?
  2. Call connection issues: When i pickup or make any outgoing phone call , the other person’s sound starts in stereo mode like in one ear first and then in second and then after 2 second becomes normal sound. Something again which might need a firmware fix . But otherwise the call quality and clarity for me is perfect
  3. Switching between Call and Music: If i am listening to music and i pickup a phone call , 40% of the times after the call is disconnected i am unable to switch to music or just one headset plays the music. When i tried to dig further it feels like in Bluetooth settings the option for music had been disabled. This never happened with my other two headsets may be a bug which needs to be fixed with a firmware update
    Again a big thanks to soundcore for an awesome product, hope I can find some fixes for the problems I have faced I would be happy to wholeheartedly recommend to my friends and family.

Nice review and glad that you are enjoying them. Since I do not try to use those for call, I am unsure of the white noise on calls.

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Nice sound review, thanks for sharing your experience.

As for the static noise, that is present in most bluetooth devices but some more prominent than others. Many have had the issue, myself included, and they have issued revised version but you wouldnt know just by looking at the box; the revision is based off the serial number on the case, the number is generally equal to or higher than 45
So it would look something like this
SN:ACJS5H09 48 500506 where the bold part is what your looking for

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Good balance review. Cheers for sharing :muscle:t2:

P.s we all love pics here :yum:

@Tank Thanks mate for the tip . I just checked mine the same part reads as 47, so you mean I need to ask for a replacement headset ? (Mine covered under 18 month warranty in hk so I guess would take them to service center) ? Appreciate the help.

@k_pug2003, ha ha I didn’t realize just a click of the box would add any value , but if this community loves it would try to click in a tidy environment and reattach to my post .

The static has bothered many, if you look around on the forums. Not all, but many. If it is strong enough to bother you, definitely followup with support.

No you have the newest revision, i edited my post as i meant to put 45 and not 48. I was just using that as an example

Thanks @Tank appreciate the follow up.

@jercox ,for me I have zero static during songs and low volume music which people mentioned . My main issue is around calls when it arises . But that being said their sound quality and call clarity much better than anything :slight_smile: soundcore has indeed made a good product which deserves support and I would be a loyal customer for sure .

thank you for sharing your experiences so far!

Thanks for review and welcome to the Collective!!!

Nice review!! I noticed my pair the other day having trouble going from music to phone call and back to music. I hardly use them for phone calls, so I haven’t tried to test that process again.

Thanks @TaborTech . Have raised to support , hopefully it should be a firmware update fix , given easy to replicate.

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Great Review @saurabh glad you liked the sound quality and trust your issues when in calls will be resolved soon by support :+1:

Nice review and I’m glad you are liking them. As others mentioned the hissing is a normal thing. Some earbuds are worse than others.

Yeah support is amazing and very professional I’d give them a shout!

hey could you upload a picture of where to look because Ive been checking the underside of the case cover and not seeing it

It’s inside the charging port. Once you open that up you should be able to see it.

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okay thanks for the help, its 48 so I guess thats the latest version

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Would anyone know how to find out if the headset volumes in LP2 have reached maximum or minimum ? As I have disabled volume coupling in my s10+ or else the max volume is too low .

So I have no way of finding out the actual headset volume which is annoying . Can there be a fix for it ?

Not impressed