Here it is at last! The first game which will help unravel the clues behind our mystery hashtag, which itself is leading to a big reveal! To get things started, have a look at the word search below (print it out if that’s helpful for you).

In the search, you’re looking for the ultimate mystery hashtag, as well as other Soundcore-themed words hidden within. All together, there are 15 Soundcore-related words to find here. Can you find them all?

To make it easier, you can also complete the Hangman games below:

These games might reveal a couple of the words hidden in the search above…or, they might be totally misleading! Either way, completing them will definitely get you thinking in Soundcore mode and hopefully help you find all 15 words.

We’ll be posting up another activity here for Day 2, so stay tuned! Make sure to keep track of your answers for both, since we are also going to be announcing a special prize…


This Sunday, we’ll be sitting down with the Head of Brand for Soundcore brand team, Ching, to answer some of your questions. So, in the comments below, feel free to post your questions in relation to:

  • Ching’s role as Head of Brand (e. g. “What’s a typical day for you like at Soundcore?”)

  • Potential future plans or ideas (e. g. “When is Soundcore launching the first outer space-friendly speaker?”)

  • The meaning behind these games and what it all means (e. g. “Please give me a hint? Seriously, PRETTY PLEASE I WANT TO WIN A PRIZE!?!?”)

Good luck!

  • Aaron

@SoundcoreAaron are we writing the words we find? Sorry kinda confused

Also, question for Ching (sorry for being a little broad): What has your journey been like up to now (as a head of Soundcore Team)? Did you start off in Soundcore or audio related industry?

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I will do the other in a bit but I will ask my first question for future plan of a soundcore product.

Do you like the the idea of making a headphone version of the Liberty 2 pro with ASTRIA COAXIAL ACOUSTIC ARCHITECTURE?

So I am updating my comment to ask the obvious question that @SoundcoreAaron has asked us to ask @Ching (am taking a chance that is the Ching with soundcore :wink:

So the second question is as quote by Aaron above "What is the meaning behind these games and what it all means (e. g. “Please give me a hint? Seriously, PRETTY PLEASE I WANT TO WIN A PRIZE!?!?”) "

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Feel free to post your answers here! If you wouldn’t mind though, you can use the “Hide Details” feature so that people aren’t accidentally spoiled before they get the chance to solve the puzzle for themselves (but they can still click through to view your answers):


Just wanted to make sure if that was requirement or not. Will wait until tomorrow so everyone has a chance to look. Got 10 so far so 5 more to find

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same wonder if its the same five :rofl:

Lol maybe but I have a couple more which I’m not too sure about so finding 5 more to confirm :joy:

yeah i have a couple that are but arent so i dont really know

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9 right now but could have another 3 or 4 but am not sure if those are the words they wanted LOL


Oh please, no collab…


Google docs??


These are the words I found…
















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I think I got 12 but not sure on the others…

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You all are so talented!
I haven’t check any of your answers, I was trying to find some but just got 4 of them now haha. :rofl:

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Couple of your words can be merged together :wink:. I have 12 so far so 3 more to go. There are some smaller words but not too sure if they are ones that team wants

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I have about the same… I think I may have it based and I am getting ready to post it.


Just a couple … give me another hint :rofl: this isn’t that easy :joy::joy:. Just kidding I don’t want to cheat let me try to figure out :grimacing::flushed::exploding_head:

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Are we supposed to post the hashtag on here ?

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I was thinking the same thing because compound words could be split and counted as two but I think they might want the full bigger word but am not sure

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Guess the mystery Round 1

I am either missing 3 more words or I think the phrase the words created is "Points for true Liberty wireless studio buds hit up Soundcore collective music podcast session.

Does that mean we can get a special earbuds if selected for an exchange of our points during the podcast? The hashtag from extra words that I found may be #escapeyournoisebadge or #escapenoisebadge.

Well those are my current guesses on this and the hashtag.