Hallo I have a problem

Hallo i babe a problem I cannot connect my soundcard life q35 whit YouTube

More information needed.
What is the device you are trying to connect the Q35 with YT?


I never have an issue connecting to YouTube with my Q35’s either via my Android Phone (LG G8) or my Dell Desktop (Windows).

Do they work in other environments such as watching a movie? Listening to music?

If no, do you connect them to your BT?(sorry have to start with the basics)
Are you using the YouTube app or doing via web pages? What happens when you try to listen to YouTube? No sound, playing on phone or etc?

Hi, @aurelian_sb I am sorry to learn about the issue with your soundcore, in this case, to better confirm the issue, are you connecting to YouTube and can’t hear the sound?

Or you can drop an email to "service@soundcore.com" detailing the issue, our soundcore technical support team will take care of your case within 24hrs.