Handling Mail and Packages to avoid COVID-19

If you are concerned, wash hands after handling package and mail.

We have been talking about this here since January I think. Probably still safe. :slight_smile:

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Recent reports say that the virus dies on surfaces after a few days. I wouldn’t worry to much. Wash your hands, hand the packages and mail outside. Disinfect everything before bringing it in the house if you are that worried.

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I am doing that now, try not to get the package inside the house, open the item, dispose the container and only get there item home.

I’m starting that tomorrow. I haven’t really thought about it until reading this post.

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I think the danger getting infected by touching things is much more lower,
than to get in contact with people.

When talking to others keep >2m distance at minimum.
Dont shake hands or give “greeting kisses” or hugs at all.
Wash your hands more often and thoroughly.
When drinking beverages in public restaurants, bars and pubs drink directly from the bottle, not from glass…

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I need to start doing that now… Wash hands after going through my mails.


But not emails (joke)!
After being out for shopping (shopping trolley) touching things, its a must.
Wearing a mask and using disposable gloves is OK of course, if those are still available!
Its also a calming and feeling more safe (psychologically)

I had left a big bottle of medical hand disinfection liquid stored here.
Now its our very special “welcome” in the entrance!
We avoid any contacts if possible.
Talking with neighbors of course in “long distance calls!” :smile: over the fence.

Tomorrow we will have rain and low temperatures.
Those will keep many of those" irresponsible folks" at home.
There will be a curfew soon I suppose.

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More news on how to handle the packages…

Here’s How Amazon Says You Should Handle Packages to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Beware of metal surfaces people touch or come unto contact with too. They are seeing the virus last up to 48 hours on metal surfaces too.

I picked up a package very shortly after it was dropped off today, not sure if that was the right call or if I should have waited a while…