HAPPY 3rd Anniversary Soundcore from its members

Well I have dealt with a sick kids for the last few days but it has been a busy last few day as well.


I about forgot about it is Soundcore’s anniversary. Happy 3rd. So depending on the time it was Sept 4 2019 was when the community came.

It has had some changes from when it first came and probably will see some changes in the years it will still be around.


Received the badge to go along with it.

About the same as I was dealing with my son, I saw the badge and was like hmm it has been 3 years.

So I was taking part here from the very beginning :smile:


Let’s listen to this classical!

Isn’t it so?
As times goes by

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Interesting to see how many of the original members are still so active :grin: :wink:

Congrats on the anniversary Soundcore.

Happy 3rd Anniversary @Soundcore.

Hopefully we can get back to having Monday Updates and some of the other activities that we use to have.

changes are good, but it has gone so quiet without an admin to do weekly updates it is almost like searching for life as it has gone eerily quiet. Makes me wonder about all the talk about it would be better without a leaderboard with prizes and how people would come back without the competition as from what I can see is more and more people going ghost and less posting. So sad about this. As I enjoyed the weekly updates and bit of competition. But Happy Anniversary to Soundcore Collective


At ANKER’s forum we haven’t seen the admin for a long time,
but we the few members are still there.
After there were no more giveaways and donations the number of the regulars was shrinking enormously.
Now it is very small, but stable! :laughing:


i pop over to Anker from time to time but mostly as a ghost i usually just read comments on posts

Because the few of us are really left alone
we have/had a lot of different, non-thematic discussions incl. “life coaching” :laughing:


Interesting. I must have joined before the official announcement was posted, because all of these badges are being granted in late august. Guessing a few of us were over here very early.

Mostly surprised at this point how many points are still going up on the leaderboard each month with no prizes posted and limited support staff.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I have saved my notes for too long and now they will be challenging to turn into coupons. But we’ll see here at some point.

Happy anniversay.

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