Happy birthday to Pete and Louie

That’s for Pete, as for Louie well he never was part of a band but is well associated with music. He is well known in music and TV and had been responsible for many top 10 hits do you know this famous Louie?


Even though I’m not familiar with them. I’ll wish them a Happy Birthday all the same.

You Spin Me Round is a classic floor filler. Pete Burns was such a character in public, but struggled with private life. RIP

Is it Louis Walsh, the Irish music impresario?

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I know this song. It was pretty popular years ago

Ding ding ding give that man a cigar correct

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I believe he was on big brother, Pete that is, while I lived in the UK

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Woohoo! I got one right :sunglasses:

Yes he was indeed.
On a Big Brother theme, years after it was cancelled in the UK, they are bringing it back again!