Has somebody donated ANKER/soundcore items?

Those presents are always a good advertising for the company. :grinning:
I gave my ANKER t-shirt and Spirit X to my son and Motion B to my daughter-

I gave my tshirt to my wife, the little orange icon mini to a coworker and im working with another coworker to buy the trance for his cleaning business

I donated the cup and water bottle to coworkers who helped me get in the top 10. I am giving the air earbuds to my brother for his bday in Feb. or will get him some neo as I found out they are the ones he mentioned he wanted. I am either giving my coupon to my youngest brother or will get him a pair for bday as well (which is also in Feb as mom had us boys 4 yrs apart n within 4 days of each other) using the coupon (if I have money left after wife n mother in law go after Christmas shopping. Lol). I gave my mother in law my Arc pair for her new iPad as she did not have any

I bought the Ace a1, 2 flares, soundcore neo, a few different battery packs, a few cables, icon mini, and gave them all to friends and family.

I gifted My Second Nebula Capsule to my Brother and Gave the Soundcore Swag Pillow to my daughter.

Bought 3 separate Soundcore Neo and gifted my office friends (thanks to the deals on Amazon)

Most of my family and close friends have been gifted Anker/Soundcore products - with most reviewing at least a cable.

For me it’s a sign of how much I like the products. Something that’s good quality and lasts.

I gifted a set of Liberty Pro 2’s to my co-worker who was using a pair of ear buds that she got from a gas station due to having 4 children and newly divorced. I am taking part in an interview today with Anker and will be using the compensation from it to get a pair of Liberty Air 2’s to donate to one of the families that my work sponsored for Christmas as a late gift to the mother.


Interview with Anker?

Have you mentioned this before - sounds interesting

Is this from the recent anker survey for surge protector?

I gave my dad my PowerCore 10500 after getting a 20100, and the t-shirt & water bottle than came in swag box will be donated. I should probably pass along my Vortex now, too.

Yeah it is. They contacted me yesterday to set up a time this week and I opted for this afternoon.

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It was for the power strip survey that they put out a week or so ago.

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Congratulations for being selected :+1:

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They would have selected me too,
but who understands such a weird, strange “Bavarian slang” I am speaking usually! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Congratulations for the interview and you did great job helping somebody who is in need :+1:

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