Have Your Say on Soundcore Sports Earbuds

To say that iPhone or iPad does not have any equalizer would be a wrong statement. There are equalizer presets available which more or less cater to a basic user’s requirement.

However there is a lot of room and scope for Apple to do much better here, may be acquire a Equalizer App like Boom or some other one and include it in their Settings App.

If there are high requirements, there are apps which can be of help.

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The silly presets Apple gives you don’t qualify as an equalizer.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but boom doesn’t work with the regular music app, or Apple Music.

Equalizer Presets work and do their stuff,

Apple Music does not let equalizer apps to incorporate into it, which are allowed by Spotify or Tidal, so if anyone is using Apple Music on iOS, you have to live with what you have. Not sure if Apple Music on Android lets users use equalizer

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I’m glad to hear you like them! I know some people have their preferences on music and sound quality, but for the most part I’m a pretty easy going guy!!

Its Apple!

I use only my VERY old IPOD, there is nothing new to get installed (APPLE! :angry:)
There are only a few stupid presettings. Thats all.
So I dont know which is meanwhile possible.
But like a “prayer mill” : An equalizer is a MUST!

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Welcome @alicia.wu!

What types of sports tracking technology is out there? The survey suggests: testing heart rate/ blood pressure/ pulse, tracking running routine, etc

I guess that would be nice, but a fitness tracker should be a wearable and having to wear headphones the whole time, and I would question the accuracy of “steps” or distance when worn on your ears vs wrist.

Very interested though!


I got my pills! :rofl:

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@Loz @alicia.wu Since the heart rate / pulse tracking and BP are being referred to, hope these are built to integrate directly with Apple Health App and Google Fit app… Users don’t want to install Soundcore Apps specific to these… or bundle this feature into the single Soundcore app…

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Welcome @alicia.wu from the Soundcore team to the community :blush:.

Thanks for letting us have the opportunity to participate.

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I agree with @Shenoy, it should be able to integrate with almost all fitness apps. Not just apple or google, I personally use samsung fit because I have the watch and thatvyracks everything when I’m on the go and syncs to my watch when it charges

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Interesting survey that made me think about what I actually want as well as what would make me want to share it with my friends.

Just took the survey ! Thanks for always be looking for the community’s opinion and feedback, hope we helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just completed the survey as well… thanks for allowing us to share our feedback!



I completed the survey!

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This is exactly why I use the app I do on my phone. I get full control over the EQ outside of the preset ones, but I can tweak those if I choose to and save the config so I can use later on

Wow, i also wonder the idea for packaging, has to be somewhere good looking as a heart melting gift, cost effective, and also environment friendly!

Thank you so much for the support!

Our ideas will be so limited without you guys!

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Which pair did you have? And can you share more detailed about how the sound quality is? How you think could be better? We wanna make it better in coming models!