Have Your Say on The All New Soundcore Collective

We’re fast approaching the one-year anniversary of The Collective (where did that time go!?) and, as we’ve been hinting for a while now, we’ve got big plans in store :boom:

So, with Collective 2.0 on the horizon, we need your help, because …

You’re the person who knows this platform inside and out.
You know where it works and where it doesn’t.
You know what’s great and what’s, well, not so great.


Now’s the time to speak up, share your feedback and directly affect how Collective 2.0 turns out. Think big, because in some areas we’re going for an overhaul.

Let’s break the feedback up into a few different areas. It’s up to you which you want to respond to - feel free to go for all of them!


  • Earning Points, Notes and Giveaway Tickets
  • Levelling Up
  • Spending/Exchanging Notes
  • Thread Categories
  • Thread Tags
  • Threads in General (e.g. are they too focussed in one area?)
  • Soundcore Content (e.g. would you like/more less of something like music/tech/fitness)
  • Product Review Process
  • Friend Referral Process
  • Sales Referral Process
  • The Leaderboard
  • The Worst Bits of The Collective
  • The Best Bits of The Collective
  • Other Feedback

That’s it! Drop your feedback in the comments below and let’s make The Collective an even better home for music than before. If you would prefer to message me your feedback privately that’s fine too. I’m all👂s.


It might just be me but I would like to see the photo of level requirement (points required to get to a certain level) and the rewards of getting to a level. I know there is a thread but it would be easier to have in somewhere in the referral section.

And I’ve already suggested something for usage of notes where giveaway entries just add your notes as default if you have less than 15 tickets. Look at the image if I just confused everyone :sweat_smile:



  1. As for referral to join community, I think we can have the incentive going so new people join but have it constraint so that points are only given if you are “active.” Definition of active is up to you all like say certain amount of days visiting or certain amount of comments (though it can result in spam comments), etc.
  2. For thread creation, I don’t know how to stop it but we have all seen some created especially Q&A where the question has either been answered already or there is already a thread for similar thing. I personally always find answers on here or soundcore website or Amazon listing.
    Easiest way would be to make mods/admins merge threads but that would require a lot of time input from them so any ideas from members would be great.

Great new initiative @Loz
Please work on the below:

  1. Change the Leaderboard scheme

  2. Include Share to Instagram on Gallery section

  3. Include options for Amazon and personal blog for review submission

  4. Please get rid of “Create Thread” on New posts, these create a lot of chain threads when Soundcore has a large mass giveaway event. Option to create “new” thread only needs to be a in a New Tab, similar to Anker community.
    needs to be like this

  5. Referral Points / Notes for referring friends – Discontinue / Abandon this completely. Only have the Sales referral based on confirmation of sales.

(will keep adding to the list on this post… :sunglasses:)


Just curious as to how do you suggest they change leaderboard scheme?

Incentivising Amazon reviews will remain a no go I’m afraid, but will take on board the other feedback!


Will personal blogs be considered for review?

Leaderboard needs to be based on quality posts, photos… The current scheme for Points for Leaderboard need to be modified / abandoned

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Point/Note system

In my opinion the point and note system should get an opinion overhaul. The current system rewards “activity”, which can easily be abused by simply posting a lot of low effort content.

I propose incentivising higher quality posts over higher quantity posts.

This can be done a number of ways. Lowering the incentive for activity (only points for 1 comment a day, and only points for 2 threads a week), and raising the amount of points for thread of the week, review of the week, UGC of the week etc.

I also propose “Star Threads”. The concept is that a thread can be awarded a “Star” if an admin (or possible mods) deem it to be a very high quality post, that has a high amount of effort put into it. This would provide some points to the user who created the thread- therefore rewarding their high quality posts.


I also think that the referral section could have a new system of working.

I propose that only sales be rewarded (over new users), as new user referrals can easily be abused.

It provides benefit to soundcore still, as well as benefit to users. It also gets rid of any chance of cheating the system.


I find that the threads on this forum aren’t focused enough on the goal of this forum. (Soundcore and music).

I propose that sharing non soundcore/music thread be kept to a minimum (occasional major events such as Apple keynote, Samsung unboxed or Tesla unveiled are OK to cover on the forum).

I also propose that the “off topic” category be locked to 1 post a week for all users. Off topic posts can be very fun- but not when they make up the bulk of the posts.

I also propose that the “news” category be kept to only soundcore news (I believe this was the original intent, but it wasn’t clarified and now it isn’t).


I think that the personal review section should be made public.

I suggest a section that is much like the gallery for reviews. You post the link to your review (the same way you do on your profile), and have the option to copy/paste your review directly on the collective (underneath the link in a way) for ease of reading for users here. Then I recommend that you have an option for the link to your original review to be public or not (for privacy reasons- of course the admins would be able to see it).

Then the readers would head to the review section (which would look sort of like the gallery) and be able to read the personal reviews.

Gallery section

I have two small suggestions for this one.

The first is that the gallery photos be put into “folders” every month so that it has a more unified controlled look. I believe @Chiquinho first suggested this.

Secondly I recommend that users only be able to get points once a week for gallery uploads- to help reduce low effort content (there hasn’t been much low effort content- so I don’t think this is a major issue, but i guarantee it will be abused eventually).

I’ll post again when I think of more things :innocent:


Similar to how it is on the Anker forum, the giveaway section should show the amount of entries that have been used by others.

Leaderboard is all over the place. I get the referral bonuses, but when I see random articles being submitted as content to start a new thread, seems like it is just point harvesting. As @techman just stated as well, the referrals can be abused as easy as you can imagine. I get the fact of wanting to bring people on board, and fully support it, but it is not hard for someone to use a vpn, duckduckgo and whip up as many email addresses as they want to be able to do so.

Give the “how to level up” its own section under referrals.

Content wise you guys are on point in my opinion. It has been a mix of tech, reviews, memories, etc and it keeps it fresh and not monotonous.

Notes exchange needs to be mixed up from time to time. I know there is a way to get a credit, but it is not eligible in all countries. Mixing up the rewards gives people more incentive to participate.

Keep up the mass giveaways that are on YouTube and other platforms. But instead of just having people sign up and having them never use it again, give an additional incentive for them to stay. We all know what can be earned, I highly doubt that people who sign up for a giveaway do. Initial email to them should include something along the lines of “The more you participate, the more you earn” and show the list of note exchange items. People don’t want to search for it, it is easier for them to see it right out the gate.

On a personal side of things, seeing posts about "life around the office/city/factory/R&D and what not would be a interesting addition (even though the state of things right now probably doesn’t allow for it), but it is interesting to see the “behind the scenes” part of things as well.


I feel like only rewarding sales won’t really motivate anyone to provide the link. Mostly because Amazon provides better pricing due to deals and discounts over soundcore.com. I personally wouldn’t share the sales link because I know there are discounts for products on Amazon or other retailers

+1 for that

+1 to that as well. Mostly because people run out of ideas to showcase the same products different ways so people would start posting similar photos to get those daily points


That just means that soundcore should always have deals transfer over from Amazon :wink:.


Yep that would be great and would motivate more people for sure. Would also motivate people to use notes for $ coupon

I feel comfortable saying that the rewards are going to be need to changed to fix the leaderboard. Probably to be less lucrative at the top and a lot more even across the distribution. Maybe notes instead of a specific prize or something.

Any system of points is likely to be subject to optimization if the rewards are great enough. As the saying goes, you get what you measure.


Ooooo I like a lot of the ideas being thrown around so far. When would this 2.0 community start?


I’m assuming it will be kickstarted with a year anniversary giveaway

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I wish the discounts from amazon were on the Anker sight as well. Most people who I get to buy products end up using amazon in the end because it’s either cheaper or something they are just more familiar with or free two day shipping with prime.


I definitely agree with the quality over quantity idea

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Can’t reveal a date as of yet, but we’re shooting for the one-year anniversary.


I have been anticipating the change to happen during the one year anniversary in September, for quite sometime… :grin:

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