Having a bit of trouble with Mono-mode on a pair of Liberty Air 2's I purchased yesterday

Apologies if this isn’t the correct tag for a slight technical issue I’m having, new to the forum.

I’m loving the Liberty Air 2 so far. My first pair of True Wireless IEM’s after being a bit stubborn with cutting the wire from my casual music listening experience. I’m having a problem getting Mono-mode to work at all with these IEM’s. I’ve reset them, paired Properly by

opening the case > enabling Bluetooth on my phone > pairing Soundcore Liberty Air 2 > Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L closing the case to turn them off > then removing only a single ear bud to test > closing the case > waiting for the earbud left in the case to turn off > playing audio.

I’ve also tried pulling both buds out, confirming they are both playing audio and then returning one to the case (which pauses my playback), closing the case to disable the unused earbud and then resuming playback via the touch controls on the bud in use.

However it still remains in stereo mode and seems stuck that way. What I mean by that Is that with only one earbud powered on/out of the case I am still only getting that bud’s audio channel (e.g. the right channel if using only the right earbud). It doesn’t combine the channels and play them back as Mono so I assume it’s stuck in Stereo. Here is all information I can think of that would be relevant.

Phone: Moto G7 Optimo Maxx/G7 Power
Android: Ver 9. Security Patch Level - Feb 1, 2020.
Media App: Google Play Music (no EQ), Youtube (explicit channel testing)
Soundcore App: EQ is Default (Flat)
LA2 color: White.
LA2 Firmware: 04.23

(while updating this firmware before even using them for audio playback I did have to attempt the (installation, not download) update 3 or 4 times. It would pause with no error and then I’d click the “Install Firmware” button to continue where it left off. The buds were laying right next to my phone again it’s side (no case on the phone). Maybe the firmware installed incorrectly? Or does mono in this case mean “only one earbud uses audio,” and not "Audio combined into a single mono channel and sent to the ear bud to be played back in actual mono sound. i.e. I can hear what would be played in the unused channel/bud through the single bud in use. Do the Liberty Air 2’s actually support true Mono, combined channels or is the claim on the box twisting and taking advantage of the colloquial understanding of Mono sound throughout the industry to mislead consumers.

Even in the settings for my devices with multiple speakers Mono has always meant Stereo sound, mixed down to a single channel and played back. Never “Pick a single channel and speaker to use” If this is the case I’m incredibly disappointed and will be returning the LA2’s. I hope it’s simply a bad set or software issue.

Side note: Nice work on these forums from what I’ve seen guys. Pleasing to the eye.


Just bought some of these and wondering the same thing. I was expecting to get both channels through one when only using one earbud however haven’t been able to achieve this. Would be nice to know if this is an actual issue or just how they are supposed to be. If so I’m slightly disappointed as when I heard these had mono mode I was expecting true mono like you said, not just the ability to use one at a time

What type of phone or device are you trying to use?
As they do support it if you bought the liberty air 2

moto g7…

I have to say this is the best description of data in a question I have seen. Although I do not have them, I wonder if you would need to reset the earbuds and reconnect Bluetooth if you have not done that yet.

I’ve tried resetting them multiple times and followed the directions to the letter. It’s not just on my Moto G7 either. They do not enter a TRUE mono mode on my MacBook Air (2018) nor iPad Air gen 3 either. macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and iPadOS 13.4 respectively. I also can’t find any mention of wireless IEM’s/earbuds anywhere online that support true mono modes either. That is to say I can’t find anyone experiencing this problem or potentially even aware that Mono Mode implies combining the stereo channels or channel of the unused bud with the single bud still in use.

I’m having trouble finding any acknowledgement or even mention of this being a software/firmware issue or a form of manipulative advertising. I hope it’s a software/firmware issue (doubt it, I’m leaning towards manipulative advertising) because it has killed the experience for me as I primarily use these at work and don’t like having both buds in in case someone needs me. Missing half the sound on many songs kind of sucks and only getting responses that repeat “reset them” (even from Soundcore’s CS) without mentioning that their stereo Channels combine into a mono channel is getting tiring.

Was asking lumpy what he was using.

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LOL Did not even see his comment there…

With both of these it’s weird I would have to say contact support. service@soundcore.com

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I’m convinced those buds do not have mono mode. I tried with both Liberty Air 2 and Liberty 2 pro. You always get a single channel stereo, never real mono.

The lack of a definitive answer from Anker here to me is proof that they just won’t admit to that

It’s a shame because the audio quality on these is fantastic, but I’m not sure I’ll keep either of those I got, they are probably going back to Amazon

Did anyone ever get a response back from Anker on this? There have been others that swear that it is supposed to work as both channels from a single earbud. This is not a deal breaker for me, but I would like to get a definitive response from Anker.
BTW… Great job on this detailed post OP!