He got the Soundcore 3 Dirty so you don't Have To

So our friend Antwan - aka - @Just_Doin_Life just beat the H3LL out of the new Soundcore 3 #Bluetooth speaker, certainly putting it through it’s paces! He dunked it in standing water, sprayed it with a hose, threw it in the mud, ran over it with his Caddy and even hit it with a baseball bat!

And not to spoil the end result - but it survived and STILL JAMS!

Check it out - https://youtu.be/-mCdaHD7c10


I will definitely have to check that video out. I can also confirm it is extremely durable and sounds amazing. I’m actually listening to music with it right now :joy:

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Nice, I will have to check it out when I get home from work.


It would pretty fun to go destroy a product different ways. I think some folks makes a living steaming that stuff.


Will definitely give it a look sounds like it will be a fun video

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Sorry, I made one of my usual jokes.
You know me, I had never the intention to insult or offend someone.
But if the rules are such, I keep these, I am only a simple, useless guest.

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This is a brilliant video!


It was jammin under the mud puddle :laughing:. That’s great


Very cool release, and fun to see the soundcore 3 get lit up.

Wonder if he put it back together or just left the grill as is? If not, would be cool to see some ooblek bouncing off of the drivers.


You can’t kill it😁

I decided to leave it off, and since it still works I will use it in other comparison videos to put other speakers to shame. Lol!


Nice, the soundcore 3, bodged together still jams better than the comp… reminds me of the old timex watch commercials… take a lickin and keeps on tickin…


You know I had saw some youtube video of the motion + just showing the speakers vibrating and it looked pretty cool. It kinda reminded of this when you said the ooblek bouncing off it.

The person took the grill part off so that you can see the speakers vibrating. Interesting bass test.


That bass radiator looks like its doing the Tootsie Roll! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That was definitely a destructive testing sequence. And it may have still worked at the end, but it clearly had taken enough abuse that it was permanently compromised, with the speakers exposed so thoroughly. Well done.

Very nice and tough speaker. Finally got a chance to watch it. I thought the hit would have caused some damage as well driving over it…